Kepler: smart gas and CO leak detector

    Modern civilization enjoys the benefits that our ancestors only 100 years ago would have seemed pure fiction. And it's not even about technology, smartphones, supercomputers, the Web, but about the amenities available to every (well, or almost every) person.

    A centralized system of gas supply, water supply and sewage - these are the benefits of modern society. As for the gas supply system, in addition to convenience, it also poses a well-known danger: poorly fitting pipe joints, damaged flexible piping for connecting the stove, or even boiling water pouring over the edges of the pan flowing to the gas burner. All this can lead to a gas leak, an increase in the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO), which directly threatens human life and health.

    There are not so few gas (natural) leak detectors, but carbon monoxide or carbon monoxide detectors are much smaller. And those that are are quite expensive.

    More recently, information appeared on the Web about the creation of a combined smart system capable of responding to the leakage of natural gas and to an increase in the concentration of carbon monoxide. This system is called Kepler, and the creator is Orvibo.

    The main functions of the device:
    • Determination of natural gas concentration;
    • Determination of carbon monoxide concentration;
    • A reminder system that gives a signal at the end of cooking a dish (set "manually");
    • Data synchronization with the application for a mobile device, with the output of hazard notifications;
    • Easy to install and configure.

    In general, the device is quite simple. If the concentration of the above gases exceeds the norm, a notification is displayed on the smartphone’s display (if necessary, with sound). Thus, if you read out, and water spilled out of the pan on the stove and the fire went out, the system will warn the owner of an increase in gas concentration.

    The same is for carbon monoxide - if something goes wrong, the system will immediately warn the owner.

    Price and order

    Now you can pre-order at a price of $ 75 and above, with delivery already in November 2014.

    In Russia, you can leave a request for goods at Medgadgets .

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