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    Instead of the foreword

    Mail forwarding - mail redirection of goods from any online stores / auctions from the sending country (in this case, the USA) to the recipient's address. The process is relevant for independent purchases abroad.

    Forwarder mail services are used for at least two reasons:

    1. not all online stores / sellers with eBay and other auctions / trading platforms send goods to the buyer's country;
    2. for a certain commission, customers can collect several goods from different online stores in a warehouse of such services, combine them into one package, send them to their address and save, thereby, a significant amount in the delivery of goods.

    Introduction is an absolutely free service of mail forwarding services (mail forwarding, MF, a virtual address for independent purchases) of goods from any online stores and from US auctions.


    The mentioned service is owned by Shopozz CORP, which since 2005 has been delivering goods from the USA, Japan, China and Europe to any part of the Earth, while simultaneously providing the services "Buying Assistance" and "Virtual Address in the USA" through the resource .

    On July 1, 2014, we allocated the MF service as a separate service, which is now available at .

    Today, Shopozz's overseas shopping service has more than 200,000 customers. We have created convenient and, most importantly, profitable to use web services, arranged international transportation of goods in the shortest possible time, automated the work of all warehouses, which allows us to process orders extremely quickly.

    A bit about tariffs

    The essence of the changes and, in fact, the delegation of the virtual address to a separate domain was, first of all, the new tariff policy, which now consists in the following:

    • provision of a virtual address in the USA - $ 0;
    • incoming MF - $ 0;
    • Shipping of one package - $ 0;
    • consolidation of several MFs in one package - $ 0;
    • filling out a customs declaration - $ 0.

    Using the analytical functions of the brain to a minimum, we can come to the correct conclusion that the entire basic set of warehouse services in the USA is provided absolutely free, however, with the exception of a number of additional services , without which the result remains the same - you receive the parcel by courier or at the nearest Post Office Russia without extra costs.

    Cognitive dissonance as a unique selling proposition (USP)

    Mentioning the Russian Post in sou, the consciousness involuntarily draws pictures of a crashed tablet or lost parcels. But, whatever one may say, today the UFPS demonstrates an active course towards modernization and change. Over the past few months, the Internet community has been actively discussing initiatives such as a state-owned company tender to create a mobile application for 19 million rubles, half a billion investments in the Unified Call Center, and the possibility of confirming registration on the Internet portal of public services through Russian Post offices.

    Today's Russian Post is a reliable partner whose services we value highly. Therefore, we guarantee delivery times for packages from the USA, operating with specific numbers. If the parcel reaches the recipient later than the deadlines, the next parcel is sent to the user at the expense of Shopozz.


    According to the statistics of our service shipments, since February 2013, no parcels have been lost by Russian Post, and 98 out of 100 parcels are delivered on time. It is possible that this is due to a change of leadership in April 2013. Also, the possibility of the well-established work of ACS UFPS - automated sorting centers located in Moscow and St. Petersburg is not ruled out.


    By the way, regarding the modernization of the Russian Post as a large state structure, I would like to add information about the preparations for the commissioning of several more ACCs in Russia - in Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Mineralnye Vody, which, of course, will serve as a positive influence on the speed of processing and delivery of mail, including international ones.


    In general, by 2018 it is planned to launch at least seven distribution centers in Russia.

    Insured events

    Despite the joy of changes in the Post, we will not exclude the human factor in some aspects of its work. By the way, here I recall Franz Kafka’s novel “The Process” - insurance and red tape - the words are almost identical for both Russian Post and USPS.


    You can read about all the delights of receiving / knocking out insurance payments here and here .
    About the case at UkrPoshta, which received a great public response - here .

    In order to avoid unpleasant situations associated with the loss / breakdown / theft of goods / goods during international transportation, we built our own insurance fund. In other words, all insurance benefits are paid out of the insurance budget of Shopozz CORP. The cost of insurance depends directly on the value of the goods / goods in the parcel. For example, insuring a parcel with a value of $ 1000 will cost our customers only $ 23.7, which is slightly more than 2% of the total cost of goods in it.

    Another factor that can isolate you from the endless bureaucratic red tape is the correct filling out of the customs declaration. As already described above, this option is provided free of charge.

    Final part

    Among other things, I want to say about the Russian-speaking support , whose task is to help clients and advise thereof on any issues. We use about 6 communication channels, so if you wish, you can get an answer very quickly.

    PS In our hubblog we will tell readers about the most interesting novelties in the world of digital technologies, all kinds of gadgets that can be easily obtained in the USA and other countries, about prototypes of iron, which is about to turn the world upside down. Join now!


    Have a nice shopping. Together with Shopozz .

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