KolibriOS: SVN commit # 4000

    Today, exactly one month after our older brothers did this , the KolibriOS development team posted the anniversary revision on SVN (No. 4000) . The author of this commit accidentally became the founder of the Mario_Z project . Of course, quantity does not mean quality at all, and half of the “commits” to our repository can be “garbage”, but still this is some measure of activity * - the project is alive and is not going to close in the very near future.

    You can download the latest nightly build here: kolibrios.org/en/download

    *The graph below shows the number of commits as of a certain date from the day the SVN repository was opened in the project. Judging by the schedule, in recent years, despite all the predictions and wishes for a speedy death at the hands of ARMs , the developers' activity in the project only increased, so KolibriOS is now more alive than all the living:

    Bonus: video made by CleverMouse - svn history log built gource

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