Sproutling: fitness tracker, electronic nanny and security system for the child

    About such multifunctional gadgets as Sproutling, it is customary to write "both the Swiss and the reaper, and the igrets on the pipe." On Habré yesterday a selection of gadgets for children was published, where Sproutling was briefly mentioned.

    In fact, this device is worth telling in more detail, since Sproutling is an excellent option for parents with small children. In particular, this device can warn if a child does not feel very well, thus preventing situations when the child begins to feel bad.

    But this device can do much more.

    Sproutling Design

    The authors of the project are developers who previously worked at Google and Apple, and doctors, designers and engineers were also involved in the work.

    Sproutling system consists of two parts. The first is a bracelet made of hypoallergenic plastic that is worn on the baby’s leg. The developers claim that the bracelet does not cause any negative feelings in the child. The bracelet contains several sensors, including a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and temperature sensor.

    The second part is the base station, which houses several more sensors and a small camera. The station determines the noise level, temperature and humidity of the room, the level of illumination of the room. In addition, this same station also serves to wirelessly charge the bracelet battery (for which you just need to put the bracelet on the dock).

    Sproutling Key Features

    Actually, many functions were listed above, here is their summary:

    • Monitoring the temperature and heartbeat of the child;
    • Definition of a posture of a dream - the child sleeps on a tummy or on a back;
    • Determining the mood of the child;
    • Determination of the noise level in the room;
    • Monitoring the temperature and humidity in the room (if humidity / temperature deviates from the norm, the system gives a warning);
    • Assessment of the level of illumination of the room;
    • Conducting video surveillance of the child;
    • Sending all collected data to a smartphone, with the Sproutling application preinstalled.

    baby monitor Sproutling-2
    As you can see, the system shows that the child (named Austin) is sleeping, but may wake up due to noise in the room. In addition, the child has a fever.

    Both the sensor and the dock are equipped with wireless modules. The station collects data from the bracelet, and transfers it to the application installed on the user's mobile device. Other users (wife, mother, grandmother, nanny, family doctor, etc.) can also connect to the device owner’s account, who receive all the system data on their smartphone ( so far only iOS, an Android application is being prepared ).

    The battery of the bracelet lasts about three days, the application for the smartphone monitors the battery charge, and warns if the bracelet needs to be charged. The dock itself is connected to the network.

    Conclusion. In general, many (if not all) parents with a small child are constantly worried about their child. For some, the thought “is my baby breathing” constantly revolves, and to calm her, Mom and Dad run every 5 minutes to the baby’s room. When they are convinced that yes, they are breathing, a check on the temperature of the child, his crib, etc. begins. The first month, parents generally look like people with a certain kind of mental disorder, constantly immersed in thoughts about their baby (especially if he is the first). Sproutling, if not completely, then partially removes anxiety: you can watch the screen of a smartphone with indicators every 5 seconds, and this will not hurt the baby, and parents will be calm.

    Price and order

    The cost of such a system, of course, cannot be low. Now developers are launching the device in mass production, and the first batch will be shipped in early 2015.

    You can pre-order for $ 249 from the manufacturer , and the retail price will be $ 249.

    In Russia, you can request a device from Medgadgets .

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