The history of corporations in pictures

    Hello! The background of this topic is as follows. Once I wondered how I would see what the site looked like 5-10 years ago? My quest brought me here . This is the “Internet archive", however paradoxical it sounds. It has The Wayback Machine service, which gives you the opportunity to see how the page looked in the past, say 2-3 years ago. And I was very interested. I decided to look at the sites of various companies and corporations now known all over the world, to compare what was and what became. Well, so that it would not be boring, dilute the viewing of the topic with some interesting reading related to these companies.

    Corporation of Evil

    Microsoft sample October 1997.

    This time is also called the battle of browsers, in the period from 1995 to 1997, Microsoft fought with Netscape for the browser market. But by the end of 1997, Microsoft had won this battle thanks to the ability to integrate Internet Explorer into Windows. What immediately took advantage of the US Department of Justice, which opened a lawsuit against Microsoft. The government accused Microsoft of using a monopoly on Windows to restrict consumers to products from other companies. And Bill Gates had to testify under a video camera. Microsoft was condemned, and there was even a serious question about the division of the corporation into several companies, but this did not happen.

    Our days

    "Corporation of Good"

    Google 1998 December.

    Have you ever wondered what “Google” means? In general, as Wikipedia says, this is a game with the word googol. The term meant the number ten to the hundredth degree. But I think few people know that the original search server was called BackRub. Students at Stanford University worked on this server. Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Soon they showed their brainchild to their teacher, and launched Google on the site of Stanford University, and the network almost collapsed. And the creators were kicked out of the hostel where the first Google computers actually stood). Some call Google "the corporation of good," perhaps because the company's motto is "Don't be evil." Google searched for investors for a long time, and found a few. One of those who could see the genius of the Google search engine was Andy Bechtolsheim, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems. The check for 100 thousand bucks was written for Google Inc. Although then the company was not officially registered and they did not have their personal account. It is interesting that the little-known company Excite could buy Google for a million bucks, but they did not. And now Google is worth billions.

    And nowadays as in the 90s)

    Yahoooooo! ...

    Yahoo 1996

    At the very beginning, everything was very modest. Jerry Young wrote a scientific paper and spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for a variety of information. At that time, if you started the browser, you saw a large amount of text and links to other pages, you went from page to page and thus searched for everything you need. I think no need to tell that the process of such a search could take just a huge amount of time. Therefore, Jerry came up with the idea of ​​cataloging pages by the type of information that was posted on them. So the site was created, which was called ..., there is no Yahooo. It was called the Jerry and Fileo World Wide Web Guide. But soon the name was changed to Yahoo! There are as many as three versions of why Yahoo. The first one the developers insist on was taken from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. The second version says that Yahoo is an acronym derived from the phrase “Another Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Well, the third, yahoo from the Japanese "yahhoo", which means "hello." The funny thing is that at that time Yahoo was already a registered trademark of barbecue sauce, so an exclamation mark was added to the name.

    Our days.

    Boob tube

    Telek 2005

    The project was founded by three former PayPal employees in 2005. What gave a large number of users the opportunity to broadcast to all the Internet with their video clips. And so the first video on youtube was flooded on April 23, 2005 and in an 18-second narrative he talked about elephants in the San Diego zoo park, and you can watch it here. The service quickly gained popularity, and in the summer of 2006 received its first lawsuit for distributing videos without the knowledge of the author. Universal Tube and Rollerform Equipment Corp. (pipe sellers) also filed a lawsuit against the television pipe, although it is in no way related to copyright. Just their website www.utube.comoften turned out to be unavailable due to the huge number of visitors who made a mistake when typing the domain name of the service. And they demanded from YouTube either a change of the domain name, or payment for the hosting of the site “Representatives of Universal Tube claim that YouTube undermines the activity of pipe sellers because potential customers of the company have difficulties working with (due to the excessive attention to this website, the online representation of pipe sellers was significantly complicated ) In addition, Universal Tube emphasizes that is 10 years older than YouTube. ”( Link to the news ) That's it.

    Telek 2011


    Apple 1997

    Many know a lot about this company. So I didn’t really want to write something here. Therefore, I just give the technical specifications of the Apple I assembled in the garage of Steve Jobs. The case for Apple I was knocked together from a wooden box, the RAM was 4 KB, and the processor was the MOS 6502, it was an 8-bit microprocessor with a clock frequency of 1 MHz. And the Apple I was worth 500 bucks.

    Well, perhaps that's all. And this is a small bonus for those who have watched and read to the end.


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