Lebedev has released a new "Optimus"

    Just Tyoma in his LiveJournal announced the beginning of a pre-order for three new clavs in the Optimus line: Mini-Six , Aux and Popular .

    The most interesting in the line is, of course, “Popularis”, which should become the heir to the unpopular “Maximus”: It


    immediately rushes that the Studio took into account the mistakes of the past - unlike the grandiose “Maximus” in all senses (both dimensions and prices), in the case of “Popular”, a bet is made on subtlety: the

    keyboard is incredibly thin

    Pre-order will cost “Popularis” 31,500 - at the level of a good tablet (not like an iPad, but like a Wacom). Now it’s up to designers, layout designers, traders, musicians, editors, photographers and specialists from other creative professions - those whom Lebedev considers the CA as his keyboard. What do you say, is it worth it?

    PS Respect for excerpt, btw. A lot of criticism was poured on Maximus, and all this time the Studio, as it turned out, worked hard on the bugs and developed its concept. Such obstinacy in a good way is captivating, and I would like to wish them good luck.

    PPS The announcement of this news was accompanied by a current picture on the topic of the day:


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