Masters of the earth. The social conquest of the planet by humanity


    Edward Wilson is a Pulitzer Prize laureate and author of one of the most controversial scientific disciplines of the second half of the 20th century - sociobiology. For many, it was the scientific justification for social Darwinism and caused a lot of controversy in the scientific community. Despite the apparent inconsistency of the topic, the author continues to reveal new facets in the study of human behavior and devotes this to the next book, which is first published in Russian.

    The quotation from Paul Gauguin “Where did we come from?” Who are we? Where are we going?" accurately describes the main questions that Wilson is trying to answer us. He created a surprisingly strong, clear, and passionate work that proves that history has no meaning without history, and history does not make sense without biology. Demonstrating that the sources of morality, religion and creativity are fundamentally biological in nature, Wilson gives us the most clear and understandable explanation about the origin of man and the reasons that led to our dominance in the Earth's biosphere.

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