In China, opened a robo restaurant


    A small restaurant in Chinese Kunshan began to use more than a dozen robots that cook and bring food. The mechanical staff welcomes customers, delivers meals to the tables, and fries meat and vegetables.

    “My daughter asked me to invent a robot that could help her with housework. This is where it all started, ”said restaurant founder Sun Yugang.

    Two robots are located near the door, in order to welcome customers, another 4 humanoid robots carry food from the kitchen to the tables of visitors. There are 3 more robots in the kitchen, two of which specialize in frying meat and vegetables, and the third cooks dumplings.

    Song, in an interview with the local newspaper Modern Times, said that the cost of one such robot is 40,000 yuan ($ 6,500), which amounts to the annual salary of a human employee.

    “Robots understand 40 everyday phrases. They are not sick and do not ask for a vacation. After two hours of recharging, they can work for five hours, ”Song added.


    Rising labor costs in China encouraged manufacturers to turn to automation, and last year it was China that overtook Japan and became the world's largest consumer of industrial robots.

    Cooking robots have a fixed number of dishes that they can cook due to the limitations of artificial intelligence. The list of dishes is downloaded by the staff (person), who also helps to make some dishes.

    All customers in the restaurant are very interested in trying soup, rice or scrambled eggs with tomato, prepared by a robo-chef.

    “My children are very excited about robots,” says Yang Limei, mother of three.


    Each robotic officer moves only along certain paths that go from the kitchen to the tables. If a man stands in their way, he politely asks them to move away in order to continue their journey.

    “I've never seen robots serving food,” says Yuan, a restaurant visitor, “I'm very surprised.”

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