Work experience as an enekeyschik / system administrator in a budget organization

This is a story about how I got my first serious job, about the team, experience gained and broken dreams.

Similarity of SCS in the server room


It so happened that at the beginning of the 3rd year of study at MSTU. N.E. Bauman, I decided it was time to get a job. My choice fell on one budget organization. This was the first serious job in a large company. I learned about this job from a former classmate who worked there in a position far from IT.

Job interview

The day came when I came for an interview. I was warmly welcomed by my future deputy. Head of Department - I was very worried, as this was my first interview (before that I had been working at the invitation of employers).

At first I told a little about myself, then the boss asked me general questions about Windows from the series how to reset the DNS cache, DHCP and find out the IP address of a computer from the command line. As a result, they hired me.

Briefly about the infrastructure

Active Cisco equipment:
● Core: 6509,
● Access: Catalyst 35XX,
● WiFi - controller: 4404 and 50 AP
Four 48U racks with 16 1-2U servers from 2004-2008 and 1 storage system
VMware ESX vSphere and Exchange Online cluster
2 APC InRow air conditioners (No redundancy), the remote units of which are cooled in the heat by running water from the garden sprayers brought to them, but they sometimes can not cope.
Before all switching there is a 1G fiber-optic cable, which at best is connected to each switch in a rack, at worst more than 70%.

The first months of work in a new place

I worked in the department with 2 administrators and 4 enikeyschikami. For the first 3 months he was engaged in pure energy: he pulled out paper from printers, changed cartridges and rolled Windows and Office onto users' computers, while studying Cisco and Microsoft courses.

The first major project

After 3-4 months of enikeystvo, I began to try myself in the role of a system administrator. My first major project was an upgrade to Windows Server 2012R2 Active Directory.

imageOur company has about 1,500 computers and a domain is completely missing, with the exception of one of the divisions. After consulting with the management, I began to raise the domain. As a result, about 2,000 users were added to it, GPOs, as well as DNS zones were configured, but it was not destined to be published, as the company was reorganized and its forest was abolished, and many users were fired.

A little later I finished the Cisco CCNA R&S course, but, unfortunately, this knowledge was not very much in demand, since we had almost no routing at the enterprise, and what I used was just throwing Vlans on ports and lifting, lowering the ports.

My second project was the introduction of network monitoring at the enterprise (before that it was absent and often we learned about crashes from end users). It has been raised and is still working. Although the initiative came from the leadership, no one uses this system except me.

At the beginning of this summer, my classmate came to us as a system administrator, and now we are both trying to raise a new domain.

Current situation

The main problems at the moment: the complete collapse of Help Desk and the lack of help from the management - we still have not adopted the regulations, due to the lack of which we satisfy all the requirements of users (from searching for buttons in a new office and ending with dragging and dropping computers from one cabinet to another). In 2012-2013, the OTRS ticket system was configured, but it also died six months after its commissioning. Almost all employees were given corporate mail in MS Exchange Online, but few people use it:

I recently set up the Lync 2013 corporate messenger, which really wanted management, but so far it has only 5-6 people, of whom I am single.

imageMy current project is to configure ESET Remote Administrator with MS SQL Server 2014 and run it later.

Now our team consists of 8 people, but basically 3-4 people really want to work, everyone else comes to work to play games and surf on the Internet. Of course, not everyone wants to work for 13 tr full time, but still ... When I ask the management why no one wants to work, I get the answer: “What do you want? This is the budget! ”, And when asked to increase the salary, I get the answer:“ Nobody holds you here! Though you can leave now ... ”

Over the year, of course, the situation has changed a little for the better, but still leaves much to be desired. Therefore, at the moment, we can only hope that it will get better (the management promises to soon increase the salary and increase funding for the department).

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