Sony launches dedicated apps for its waterproof Xperia smartphones

    The latest Sony Xperia smartphones are equipped with a waterproof case. In addition, the developers have provided and the presence of a special sensor that determines the level of humidity.

    Until now, there was no particular use for all this (well, you can listen to music in the shower without worrying that the smartphone will go bad, or read, for example). The company's developers decided to attract the attention of users to their waterproof smartphones by releasing specialized applications, including toys. These applications work in and under water.

    Here is a selection from Sony that demonstrates how a number of applications work. Some applications are already available for download: Goldie , Photo Lab , Platimal , Rainy-oke ,Sink Sunk , and Tiny Umbrella .

    Currently, we are talking about the models Xperia Z1S and Xperia Z. Among other things, the corporation also introduced a code for developers on the Sony Xperia Developer GitHub page .

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