Idea for geo-service

    Yesterday I ran into a problem - the Domodedovo airport site was lying, but I really wanted to look at the online arrival board. The thought "in my head," but to ask people at the airport to look at the scoreboard and write me the arrival time "was formed, thinking a little

    service concept:

    • Mobile / web client that allows you to update your location (periodically, manually, based on GPS, “favorite places”) The
      ability to organize small, geographically localized chats with everyone who is in a given place / area
      Any IM robots, updating via twitter
      No doubt the service must be anonymous so that users without fear of surveillance can update their geo-status. But if there is a desire, then the user can display any information (nickname, profile, etc.)
      Overlaying users on a map, indicating the time for updating the geo-status.
      Setting the area for the chat as based on the current position (to everyone, within a radius of 1 km from me), and by selecting the object and radius on the map (google maps mashup)

      The main task solved by the service:opportunity to ask for advice

      Examples of using:

      • Example with the airport above
        Ask the cafe visitors about the availability of seats, ask them to take a table, for example
        Ask the holidaymakers on the beach whether the water is warm and whether there are big waves.
        Ask about the availability of parking lots.

        A new name came up in the process of writing the post: “social web camera ” , a service that allows you to see something through the eyes of other participants in the service.

        I must say right away that I don’t want to overload the service with social “tinsel”, friends, circles, see where friends are, etc. Personally, this functionality is of little interest to me precisely in the context of this service, although, I think, someone needs it.

        The nearest ready-made solution is loopt, a geo-social network, their demo was shown at WWDC. But all this is not there at all, there is just social tinsel.

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