NASA is preparing an illustrated "ABC" on the Orion mission for children and adults

    Orion is a new NASA spacecraft with a diameter of 5.3 meters and a mass of 25 tons. It is this ship in the near future that will be used to deliver goods and people into space.

    For example, Orion will deliver astronauts to study an asteroid . In addition, most likely, this spaceship will deliver people to Mars. And in order to interest people in the upcoming events in the world of astronautics, NASA is releasing an illustrated alphabetical guide for the Orion mission for children and their parents.

    This ABC provides basic terms (e.g., the “ climax") from astronomy, as well as from the Orion mission itself. All this information is presented more than accessible, so even the most remote from technology and exact sciences people will understand what's what.

    It seems that it is in this form that information should be submitted for how it’s customary to say that they are of primary and secondary school age - after all, it is the current generation of children and adolescents who will study space in 5-10-15 years. I would like more publications like this.

    Here are some ready-made illustrations from the ABC (of course, it’s on English):

    The ABCs of Orion up to the "K" The available here .

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