Reply from the Federal Communications Supervision Service


    Today, in the form of a registered letter with a notification, a response came to an online appeal to Roskomnadzor with a complaint about Beeline advertising SMS spam, and this is not even a simple kick-off at the FAS, as the comments feared.

    Page one: Page two: Judging by the letter, the online appeal was redirected (interestingly, in electronic form or on paper?) To the local department of Roskomnadzor, where they nevertheless conducted an audit (as I believe, in the form of a written request to Beeline). Beeline admitted the fact of spam, citing a technical failure:


    According to the information provided, you contacted the support service of Vympel-Communications OJSC with a request to stop sending advertising messages. but as a result of a technical failure, the newsletter was restored. Subsequently, the failure was resolved, and the distribution was terminated.

    Who also received a response from Roskomnadzor or Rospotrebnadzor (otherwise I haven’t contacted there myself), drop a line in the comments that they wrote to you.

    I think I will also send a letter to the FAS, but a little later.

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