NASA knows how to make Mars green again.

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With an artificial magnetic field, the atmosphere of Mars and liquid surface waters can be restored. And we can hope that life will return to Mars again after the launch of the magnetic field. NASA

NASA is pondering the launch of an artificial magnetic field near Mars to help create an atmosphere that will help Mars sustain life. With the magnetic field, Mars can get the atmosphere at half the atmospheric pressure of the Earth for several years, and maybe we will move to Mars much earlier than we planned.

Our Earth has a magnetic field that protects us from strong solar storms that would otherwise destroy our atmosphere and the possibility of life. The magnetic field protects us from a chaotic environment outside the earth’s atmosphere. A striking example of the protection of a magnetic field is the Northern Lights . Northern lights are associated with the interaction of our atmosphere and high-energy particles ejected from the sun. The magnetic field of the Earth directs these particles in a spiral to the poles of our planet and shows us these beautiful bright patterns in the sky. The reaction between high-energy particles and various gases in our atmosphere, such as oxygen and nitrogen, produces different colors. So our atmosphere protects us from cosmic radiation.

Previously, Mars also had a denser atmosphere, a lot of liquid water, it was warmer and more humid. Mars is now much colder and drier. And scientists doubt whether life has been on Mars before? NASA director of planetary science, James Green, believes that it is possible to create a more humid atmosphere and liquid surface water on Mars if the magnetic field is restored again. Green showed his simulations and models at the Planetary Science Vision 2050 seminar at NASA headquarters in Washington. His work showed how they would restore the atmosphere of Mars, so that in the future people could easily explore Mars and possibly even colonize the Red Planet.

James Green at the Planetary Science Vision 2050 seminar.

Modeling revealed a powerful closed circuit that was put into orbit and placed in front of Mars. Electric currents create magnetic fields. This closed circuit created a magnetic field that would deflect and redirect charged particles from Mars, so that Mars could create a denser atmosphere that could not be destroyed by a strong solar wind . For optimal effect, a powerful electrical circuit will be located at Lagrange point L1 at a distance of approximately 320 radii of Mars.

Powerful closed electrical circuit in front of Mars, as well as the deviation of charged particles of the solar wind from Mars. As a result, an atmosphere may form on Mars due to an artificial magnetic field. NASA

It is estimated that within a few years the atmosphere of Mars can reach half the atmospheric pressure of the Earth. Who knows, maybe we will fly to Mars earlier than previously thought.

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