Sex and violence on Google Play

    Recently, google systematically removes applications for sex and violence, without explaining the reasons and without entering into a dialogue with the developers.

    Ok Google. Let's do a little social experiment.

    I installed on my smartphone access to content for a younger age group and went into several applications from the manufacturer Google Inc.

    Google Play Newsstand


    Google play books

    Google Play Music

    (It was for this screenshot that my player was deleted)

    And finally, Flipboard

    I did not spread the tentacles, raping schoolgirls and disgusting hairy vaginas. Who seeks will always find.

    According to your own rules, moderators must immediately remove the above applications, and the Google Inc account must be deleted for Sex and Violation and systematic violations of the content.

    Maybe you google will be the same for all developers? Respond to letters and explain the reason for the removal? Why is there a category for an older age group introduced in the market if nudity that shines through clothes is unacceptable in it? Why do your applications have a rating for the younger age group, and yet they are full of eroticism? Why do Google representatives never engage in dialogue with application developers? Where are the representatives of the Russian office?

    I am not against erotica. But the rules must be either for everyone, or they must be changed. Ok Google?

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