Hollywood is forbidden to print fake dollars

    To shoot Hollywood blockbusters requires a huge amount of cash dollars. According to the plot of the films, they are handed over in suitcases, transported in minibuses, they must be in bank vaults, etc. ... But here the US Secret Service, whose duty is to combat counterfeiting, puts stickers in the wheels.

    Real and fake banknote made by Independent Studio Services

    Two private firms are involved in the production of fake banknotes for Hollywood studios. One of them is Independent Studio Services (ISS). Representatives of this company complain of exceptional idiocyUS Secret Service employees. For example, for the film “Rush Hour 2” in 2001, they made notes with the inscription “In Dog We Trust” instead of the original inscription “In God We Trust”, replaced the main photo and 28 more characteristics of the note. This did not save them from persecution. Agents said that the bill is still too similar to the real one: it is the same color and the face value is indicated on it.

    According to the law of the Counterfeit Detection Act of 1992 , a copy of a bill must be 1) the size of or less than 75%, or more than 150% of the present; 2) printed on one side only; 3) to be monochrome.

    For the film "Rush Hour 2", banknotes were made in the face value of $ 100 million, observing all legal norms, that is, in accordance with all the above requirements. Nevertheless, the Secret Service broke into the ISS office, seized computers and finished products. A total of $ 200 million denominations were seized. Since the ISS costs about $ 8 for $ 10,000 to produce these notes, the losses are quite significant.

    Moreover, subsequently, the Secret Service forced ISS to destroy all stocks of finished products (with a face value of several billion dollars).

    Another company that produced counterfeit notes for Hollywood studios, Earl Hays Press, also suffered repression .

    As a result, the studios had to radically revise their work. Now, when demonstrating stacks of banknotes, blank papers lie inside, and at the edges - real banknotes. This practice is consistent with the law.

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