Who are you? Freelance artist, gzhel tableware planner or painter?


    An experienced bull-programmer and a young bull-programmer are sitting on the mountain, and a herd of “potential-tasks-cows” grazes below the mountain. Young bull-calf:
    - And let's run, run down! .. and let’s play that cool toy puzzle!
    - Nope ...
    - Well then ... let's run, run down! .. and let’s run that nice network puzzle!
    - Nope ...
    - Well then ... let's run, run, run down! .. and program that awesome puzzle of artificial intelligence!
    “Nope ... we will slowly go down the mountain ... and program everyone.” Who will the bosses show us and for what we get paid.
    (c) from mine

    Let’s see who is who.

    Quite often, I see statements on the hub like "a real programmer who has insights, inspiration, burning work!" Interestingly, sometimes experienced individuals also write. I propose a vote to assess what percentage of which programmers are redundant on this site.


    1. You are a free artist, if you think that:
    - the programmer himself should set the tasks; creativity and its freedom should be one hundred percent!
    - you need to burn at work, literally program, forgetting about everything.
    - you need to think about the project and out of work, sometimes even at night in a dream.
    - money is not so important, it is important to feel happy at work, at least sometimes when you find an unobvious solution, a difficult bug, etc.

    Although, as an option, it is possible that you might end up as a "portrait painter of idly staggering tourists on the Old Arbat", making money in the open air, because no one needs your ingenious canvases.

    2. You are a Gzhel painter (or an architect of houses, if you want), if you think that:
    - there is no freedom to choose a task and creativity is also very limited, although there is some room for maneuver / self-expression.
    - the task should be set by the authorities or customers, but not to fit into the solution of the problem, but to serve as a purely external customer.
    - the choice of a solution to a problem can be limited by the libraries, resources, hardware, language, etc.
    - money and interest problems are correlated for you as 50/50.

    But you can sometimes dream with sadness: eh, if I had complete freedom, I would have fixed it, I would have come up with it! ..

    3. You are a house painter (but professional) if you think that:
    - there is no freedom to choose a task, but why there, even almost all typical tasks and creativity here are very few.
    - the task should be set by the bosses or clients, and they can get involved in solving the problem, especially the bosses, for various reasons.
    - Why, there, even colleagues can fit into your decision.
    - Your decisions are greatly limited by all kinds of frameworks, means, guidelines. documents, etc. etc. And this is life, but no arguing against it.
    - Even typical tasks can be done well or crookedly, and the fact that you are doing them well, professionally (satisfaction, but not happiness and delight) brings you satisfaction.
    - you just work the job, for the money, but even in typical tasks there are a lot of interesting things that do not reduce cheekbones from boredom.

    You can do a lot: get depressed, depressed, get upset. Or live yourself and live. And with a grin look at the "free" and their oohs and aahs.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Who do you feel in work / profession

    • 20.4% Free artist 70
    • 60.6% Gzhel painter (or house architect) 208
    • 18.9% Painter (but professional) 65

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