Sunny hat trick. In Ukraine, there are three villages Dobrovlyany. And all three have powerful solar power stations.

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There are three villages in Ukraine that have the same name - Dobrovlyany, but the most interesting thing is that in each of these three villages there is or is in the process of realizing a powerful solar power station. talk about an interesting geographical incident in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine.

1. Dobrovlyany, Zalashchitsky district of the Ternopil region

Two lines of solar power stations were built in Dobrovlyany, Zalashchitsky district of the Ternopil region. The first stage with a capacity of 4.48 MW was launched in 2017 (in August - approx. Transl.) , The amount of investment amounted to 120 million hryvnia (about 4,300,000 dollars at an average rate for 2017 - approx. Transl.) . It was installed 16 thousand solar modules having a vertical two-row arrangement.

The second stage, the solar power plant Dobrovlyany-2 was introduced in August of this year. The total number of modules is 8,960. They are installed statically on the ground. The power station is 2.5 MW. The design of fastening systems, their installation and assembly of structures and panels was carried out by SOLAR Steel Construction.

2. Dobrovlyany, Stryi district, Lviv region

The second village is located in the Stryi district of Lviv region. The permit for the construction of the power plant was obtained by Alternative Energy Galicia LLC. On the end of construction was notified in September 2018. The power station is 5.5 MW. On the territory of 20 hectares, 184 Fronius ECO 27 inverters were installed; 20,240 single-crystal 285W modules from Jinko Solar.

3. Dobrovlyany, Drohobych district, Lviv region

Trietie Dobrovlyany village is located in Drohobych district, also in Lviv region. On 12.06.2018, deputies voted for the decision “About the approval of technical documentation on the regulatory and monetary valuation of a land plot of 9.7615 hectares for Solar Solar LLC for the construction of a solar power plant in the territory of the Dobrovlyansky Seolsky council of Drohobychsky district, Lviv region (outside the settlement)” . Accurate data on the solar power station could not be found.


Solar West LLC is registered in the same locality.


From the translator: This article is not a complaint, is not a humorous article, more suitable for some humorous sites and, in fact, boils down to the fact that in such a "heavy and serious" industry as energy, there are curiosities and deja vu.
The translation was carried out without obvious interventions to exclude the “gag” in the category “translation”.

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