Philips VISIQ: portable ultrasound flatbed scanner

    Continuous improvement of technology allows you to create devices that previously seemed, if not fiction, then a thing of the future. An example is all of our smartphones, tablets, supercomputers, and more.

    One of these devices can probably be called VISIQ, a portable ultrasound scanner developed by Philips. This scanner, according to the developers, is able to produce a very clear picture, and the signal processing unit itself is made in the tablet form factor. Actually, this is a tablet, only all of its functions are optimized for medical needs.

    The device itself has already received the approval of regulatory authorities in the United States, so that soon we can expect its appearance on the market.

    Representatives of the company claim that the image produced by the device is quite comparable with stationary ultrasound scanners (many such devices occupy 2-3 square meters). The display is touch-sensitive, and the device is controlled in the same way as the tablet.

    In addition to the signal processing module itself (using the Doppler 2D B&W mode) received from the scanner, the tablet is equipped with software for image optimization and analysis. After processing, the image is clear, without artifacts characteristic of some types of ultrasound scanners. AutoSCAN automatically detects the type of fabric, and optimizes the signal for processing specific fabrics.

    There is also a WiFi wireless module, which allows you to transfer the received data to any other devices.

    Among other things, the system is very easy to use, any person who previously had experience with a phone / tablet can handle this scanner. Of course, it is worth considering that only a qualified doctor will be able to understand what is shown on the display of the device. The picture is clear, yes, but to decrypt it you need to be a physician.

    First of all, VISIQ is designed to examine women with different stages of pregnancy, as well as to examine the abdominal cavity of patients of any gender.

    Of course, the price of the device cannot be low; all professional medical equipment is expensive. The retail price for Philips VISIQ is $ 14,500.

    For a private person, this amount is quite impressive. For the hospital, such amounts are not very significant, because many instruments and devices are much more expensive.

    And such a device can be taken to any place, a small settlement, for example, where there is no way to install a stationary ultrasound installation.

    Via philips

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