Alfa-Bank and Visa Launch Fintech Startup Development Program

    On Habré always were interested in programs by means of which it is possible not only to pass training, but also to build the business. The best example of this at the moment I think the program from Yandex Tolstoy Startup Camp . There was a good post about her . But I would like to talk about a new similar program that focuses on finance and payment systems. Alfa Kemp is the first program in Russia to search for and develop fintech startups. For 5 weeks (August 17 - September 22) of an intensive program, it will be possible to create the basis for the development of your business in the field of financial technology and, possibly, to receive investments. Participation in the program is free.

    Camp participants will be able to consult with AlfaBank's specialists (accountants, lawyers, technologists, marketers), specialists from the MetaBeta startup accelerator, Visa and any other specialists that are needed.

    To develop services, Alfa-Bank will provide program participants with access to the use of their technologies through APIs, in particular, Internet acquiring APIs for online payments, APIs for organizing P2P transfers, APIs for issuing virtual prepaid cards, and APIs for transferring from numbers legal entity accounts to any card of a Russian bank.

    Accelerator organizers understand fintech startups as companies that provide financial and near-financial services, for example, payment systems, online banks, virtual wallets and cards, virtual currencies, personal finance management systems, integration of coupons and bonus programs with financial services, b2b services. Developers of technologies such as biometrics, Big Data, scoring systems, antifraud, p2p solutions, mobile acquiring are also welcome.

    Participation in the accelerator involves at least two trainings per week lasting 4 hours each and three meetings with methodologists, mentors and trackers lasting an hour per week each. On Fridays, the program will summarize preliminary results, based on which teams will be selected to continue participating in the event. In the final of the program, a presentation of the developed projects will take place before the bank's experts and venture investors. The best teams will receive investment proposals from the bank, as well as its partners for the implementation of their project.

    Participants from the regions are provided with accommodation and a scholarship. Applications for participation in the event are accepted on the website .

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