Chris Byrd Appointed as New Mozilla CEO

    Canadian manager and hacker Chris Beard has been appointed new CEO of Mozilla Corp. An official statement on this subject says that the board of directors has reviewed many candidates, but has not found anyone more suitable. Bird took the position of Acting CEO in April.

    Chris first came to Mozilla in 2004, before the release of Firefox 1.0, he was one of the first employees - and since then he has been deeply involved in all aspects of the company. At different stages of his career, he was responsible for various aspects of the business: product development, marketing, innovation, communication, community development, etc., so that he is well versed in all the features and sees the whole picture.

    Prior to his career in business, Chris Byrd was a Linux kernel hacker. In 1998, he decided to found a consulting company to help implement his hacks. His company was bought by the new owner of Linuxcare, where Chris continued to manage the project, and then transferred to various leadership roles in companies often associated with Linux, including HP and Sun.

    Chris Bird took the place of JavaScript creator Brendan Ike, who left Mozilla under the pressure of LGBT people .

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