Apple Macintosh Birthday

    Apple micintosh
    Today is the birthday of one of the most famous computers in the world! 24 years ago, on January 22, 1984, during the broadcast of the National Football League match, a commercial representing the Macintosh computer was shown. The video was shot at the request of the apple company by director Ridley Scott - author of the films Alien and the then only Bladeunner.

    Filming a 60 second advertisement cost 400 thousand dollars, and airtime 800 thousand. And all these expenses were made solely for the sake of a single show! However, the very next day, the video was shown in a variety of talk shows and news. Everybody was talking about an unusual computer.

    The plot of the advertisement referred the viewer to George Orwell’s novel "1984" and spoke quite clearly about the challenge that IBM made to IBM - the heroine smashes a large screen with a hammer, symbolizing the "Blue Giant".

    And in the next video, you can see how Steve Jobs first demonstrates Mac in front of a large audience. At that time, the graphical interface, mouse, and voice synthesis were perceived by people as a technological miracle. This is evident from the reaction of the audience.

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