how to cover your ass [torrents and spying on them]

    In the light of the fraudsters around building torrent user lists, one can say the following:

    1) So far this is nonsense, but in the long run it can become serious [10 years ago no one believed that it was possible to cover the trade in disks] So you need to start thinking now.
    2) The only means of user authentication in this case is IP.
    3) According to existing legislation (correct, if I'm wrong), all articles about violation of related and copyright rights require the intent of the accused.

    The solution is very simple: we put a wifi router at home. We open out an open public network with a slaughtered channel (kilobits per 100). We close (if someone cares) the 25th port.

    What we have?

    1) Any traffic coming from your network could be sent by unauthorized persons who connected without your knowledge to your network; which can be easily used by any competent lawyer proving that the charge was brought against an improper person.
    2) I will lose 100 kilobits from megabit tariffs.
    3) Loss of (possible) quotas for resources taking into account IP
    4) Possible ban on some resources for the status of "open proxy" and tricks sucked.
    5) Internal satisfaction from sharing the Internet with those who do not currently have it.

    Alternatively, you can raise the tor exit node ...

    UPD: This is not primarily about the “evil organs” that computers will be seized, but about the scheme: copywriting, copywriting data about IP, provider data, proof of IP and human compliance.

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