Hide unwanted topics

    I apologize in advance, this is my first full-fledged topic here. Mastering.

    So, the idea is this. Basically, as it seems to me, people read what gets on the main page of Habr. Including via RSS. But sometimes it happens that a topic, or some author, is subjectively completely uninteresting to a particular person. For example, I’m not at all interested in reading about the same Inferno, but anyway, a topic of 3 gets to the main one every day. Actually, the wish follows from all the previous whining: to introduce the ability to hide topics for the user from the Habr’s main page according to certain criteria, for example: by author, by author for a certain period of time (so that the author expires after the expiration of the time), by blog, etc. etc.
    I can’t evaluate now how difficult it will be to realize, but it seems to me that everything is possible in our world (:
    An example is the “do not show” button in “my things” on Derti or Lepre.

    In general, let's discuss ...

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