Inner Voice vs. RSS - non-unique guid

    When reading my feed in GoogleReader, I accidentally noticed that the Inner voice is not displayed there (maybe this is for the better, but it's still a mess), although if you look at the feed directly on Habré, everything is there.

    If you take a closer look at the xml feeds, it turns out this detail:

    And so for all Voices posts. Obviously, smart Google, once showing an item with such an id, does not show it anymore, counting as a repeat.

    But you still want to follow the Voice, despite the fact that most often it is nonsense :)

    UPD: I looked at the archive of my tape (in GoogleReader) and found that some posts of the Voice are there (today, May 22, 16). So not everything is as simple as it seemed at first glance - it seems that GoogleReader counters are periodically reset.

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