Sold the rights to the adaptation of the game The Sims

    The Hollywood newspaper Variety writes that Electronic Arts, the largest developer and publisher of computer games, on Monday sold the rights to the film adaptation of the most popular game in history - The Sims, along with all the add-ons and extensions for it.

    The buyer was the film company 20th Century Fox. The film will be shot by John Davis, who has shot such films as Norbit's Tricks, When a Stranger Calls, and Eragon. The film will be based on a plot in which the hero suddenly gets unlimited power over others. The idea is not new in general, so there shouldn’t be any big problems with the script.

    Over the course of its seven-year history, The Sims has sold over 85 million copies worldwide and brought its authors $ 1.6 billion. Its creator is Will Wright.

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