Windows Network for Windows Vista / 7 as in XP

    Most users and some administrators were frustrated at how the network is shown in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    If you have more than one domain or workgroup on your network, then in Windows XP a list of domains and groups was shown, by going inside you could only see PCs of this domain / group and almost immediately with a description. In Windows Vista / 7, the OS scanned the network for a PC and gradually displayed all computers from all domains / groups in one window, then using the filter / grouping it was possible to break down into domains / groups and there was no description.

    Transferring one user from XP to 7, I found a shortcut on his network and launched it under Windows 7 and saw a picture like in Windows XP.
    It looks something like this.

    Also on this icon in Total Commander 7.55 beta 3You can also get XPshny look.

    And here is the link itself to the shortcut.

    upd: updated screenshots

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