In the morning I received an invite letter. A couple of screenshots inside ... The editors themselves are similar to those from the MS Office 2007 2010 suite (amended by Quester ). The authorization system for viewing and editing documents is as flexible as on facebook itself. After 10 minutes of experimentation, the product seems more successful than google docs (for all my liking google docs and google in general), but a bit slower. By the way - .docx and .xlsx from the available ones were uploaded and read normally (which is not surprising, of course, but nonetheless).

    Thanks for your interest in Docs. Our Docs service is expanding, and as a result, you can now create and/or upload your own documents (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents) in the service.

    We have already enabled these services for you; just go to where you can begin creating and uploading documents to share with your Facebook friends.

    We hope you enjoy Docs.

    The FUSE Labs Team




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