HSSRSS and other full-text feeds

    Well, there was free time and karma (thank you, people :) to create a topic about a rather burning  topic .
    So, I have for you the full-text RSS feeds of the following sites:

    Habrahabr: home / hackneyed
    Habrahabr: general stream
    Vladimir Vladimirovich tm
    Tom’s hardware guide -
    Cnews news - news
    School of Life - articles
    These feeds were either created with the consent of the copyright holders or not contrary to the conditions for the dissemination of source information and negotiations are ongoing.

    A little about the RSS-farm service. About a

    year ago, I was tired of waiting for the Spb Insight wonder program to be updated. And at the same time, I found her a good free replacement -pRSSreader . A small problem remained: there are very few full-text feeds. This service is designed to correct this state of affairs.
    The service has not yet been fully launched and is closed to visitors, only feeds are open. But soon (in 3-4 weeks) I plan to complete what was planned for the first release and invite everyone :)
    In the comments, you can leave links to sites that do not have normal feeds, and I'll try to do something about it. Also, if you can’t wait to feel for the new service, leave your email address and when the time comes, I will send you an invitation to a beta test.

    1. According to the tip of the habruiser MrProRunner made Habrahabr: everything, see the list of channels.
    2. Regarding invites: I was mistaken about the fact that you wrote emails in the comments -) Send all requests for invites to lak-b@yandex.ru
    3. A little more about the service and its future. The task of the first release is to debug the mechanism for obtaining text content from other sites and give users minimal convenience for receiving RSS feeds. Registered users of the service will be able to:
    - browse the catalog of all full-text ribbons (not only of this service, but also the Internet in general; ribbons like BashOrg and other full-text will be in the directory)
    - collect their OPML file to feed it in a convenient form (for example, in a short link) to your reader
    - to do all of the above, both through the normal interface, and through the interface, "sharpened" for handhelds.

    Also, during the first release, I will ask for help in some things:
    - it is necessary to draw
    something - to describe something in Russian
    - to replenish the catalog with full-text tapes of third sites
    - to moderate all this disgrace
    - well and little things.
    For completing such tasks here, users can gain "respect and respect" from the resource. Particularly distinguished ones will receive the right to independently create their own channels using the service. Other bonuses are possible.

    As can be seen from the written (and answering the question of the Taoorus habrayuzer), There is no “sociality" as such. I believe that “sociality” is poorly suited for this release (and the next few). However, I still have some ideas for implementation that take time to implement. Also, I am open to your ideas regarding this service. Please express your thoughts on the topic of further development of rss-farm.ru

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