Anton Arkhipov - Class Loaders and Bytecode Instrumentation

    On Thursday, August 7, at 20:00 , the St. Petersburg office of Luxoft will host a meeting of with Anton Arkhipov, a bytecode modification specialist, developer and product manager of JRebel and XRebel at ZeroTurnaround. The meeting will consist of two parts: before the break, we will talk about class loaders, and after the break, we will talk about instrumentation of bytecode.

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    1. Class loaders in Java: a rake collection

    The dynamic class loading model is one of the main features of the Java platform. The class loader allows you to load executable code into the JRE without restarting the main application. Application servers, modular systems, many web frameworks use class loaders to add dynamic features to their functionality.

    This report will discuss the main provisions in the class loading mechanism, as well as analyze the main problems that arise in applications due to the behavior of loaders. The causes of typical errors of ClassNoDefFoundError, IncompatibleClassChangeError, LinkageError, etc., as well as diagnostic methods and ways to solve these errors will be considered.

    The report implies interactive and involved audience participation.

    2. Java Agents, Instrumentation API and Javassist

    The java.lang.instrument package was added to Java a long time ago, in version 1.5. Using simple examples, we’ll look at the main features of the Instrumentation API and talk about how and why you can make your Java agent. The picture would be incomplete without mentioning the tools for manipulating bytecode - for this we look at the capabilities of Javassist and see what can be done with this.

    Anton Arkhipov is the developer and product manager of JRebel and XRebel in the Estonian company ZeroTurnaround. He has been professionally engaged in Java development for about ten years. His main interests are related to programming languages ​​and software development tools. He regularly speaks at international conferences - behind his back performances at conferences such as JAX, JavaOne, GeeCON, Jfokus, JavaZone, EclipseCon.

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