Google gives 90 days of Google Play Music All Access to mark Chromecast’s launch anniversary

    If you have a Chromecast and have not activated All Access, you can connect yourself unlimited access to music for 90 days. You can also have time to buy this wonderful device and have time to participate in the action, which will last until September 30th. Welcome to cat.

    You can connect the service in two ways:
    1. Via Google Chrome from your computer, if the device is on the same network by clicking on the link
    2. Through the official application for the phone.
    We go into the application, click 3 points. In the menu, select "view bonuses." We agree to transfer the serial number and get free music for 90 days.

    Good luck =)

    UPD: Details on the official page .
    Promotion only open to users in the United States who have purchased and set up a Chromecast on or before September 30, 2014. Only for states (but we know how to cheat).
    Cancel before the trial ends, or keep listening for just $ 9.99 a month. This is already more interesting. If you do not cancel your subscription after 90 days, then they will automatically charge $ 9.99 per month (most likely for the states) . Or 169 rubles. with us, but it’s not known for sure. So, if you connect, put a reminder at least the same Google Now, so that a couple of days before the expiration of the deadline to cancel the subscription.
    This offer is not available for anyone who has previously subscribed to All Access, the unlimited music service from Google Play, either on a paid or free trial basis.Not valid for those who have previously been subscribed to the service paid or free. It means who is connected now, it will not work. I first connected the trial, as soon as it became available, then for a couple of months I connected full access, uploaded music and disconnected again. Now connected without problems. As it turned out, only my wife connected. That is, a prerequisite is that you should never use full access before.

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