"IT CRIMEA": a new technology park in Sevastopol - it will begin to work at the end of this year

    The technopark will unite technology startups, and an educational center for students, a venture fund and research laboratories will open on its territory .

    All “ideas” are planned to be implemented by 2020, however, the first phase of construction ends this fall. About what has already been done, our today's material. / photo kolia CC

    Project idea

    Technopark received the name "IT-CRIMEA." His idea is to combine startups, research projects and large IT companies in one place to create the conditions for the exchange of experience and best practices.

    Tenants will be provided with office spaces, a venue for events, residential apartments and laboratories. According to the development plan, all infrastructure will appear in the park by 2020.

    What has already been done

    An IT park is being created on the territory of the former design bureau of radio communications, where four buildings are located. In July of this year , the first, largest, and second buildings were purchased . Negotiations on the two remaining buildings are ongoing.

    According to Dmitry Gachko, CEO and founder of IT CRIMEA, the main building project has been completed and reconstruction of the building has begun: the entrance group and the first two floors are a fan zone, coworking and food areas.

    Designers of the project completed the concept of the adjacent territory and will soon begin to think out a plan for its arrangement. Including, plans have already been formed for the subsequent floors of the same type. There is also a design of communications (electricity, water, heating and ventilation), as the old components are in unsuitable condition.

    A training center is already operating on the basis of IT-CRIMEA, which trains specialists in the interests of residents of the technology park. In June, the technopark signed a cooperation agreement with Sevastopol State University (SevGU). Joint educational programs have already been created and are being developed, under which resident experts will train university students.

    / Photo Stufford CC

    Senior students and graduates of the university will be able to take internships in the technology park, and after graduation they will be able to get jobs with residents of IT CRIMEA. According to Dmitry Gachko, seven people who work with one of the residents have already been trained in the IT park.

    Future plans

    Construction is carried out in several stages. The first phase will end at the end of 2018. The main building will be commissioned, which will house offices, coworkings and a data center of the technopark. In total, the building is designed for 900 people.

    The second phase will end in mid-2019. A conference room for 300 people will be built in Building B. In addition to the venue for events, in the same building will accommodate a food area, space for entertainment and its own brewery. Also at the second stage, the territory adjacent to the buildings will be turned into a park.

    The third stage will be completed in the third quarter of 2019, when the building of the business incubator will open in IT CRIMEA. It will house additional office space. The last stage of the construction of the technopark will end in 2020. The fourth building will begin to work, where they will place another conference room, apartments for guests and employees, as well as laboratories (for example, for testing prototype devices).

    A sports complex will also be built on the territory of the technopark. The details of the project are being discussed with the city government, so the completion date for the construction of the sports center is still unknown.

    The technopark will provide companies with server capacities and DevOps services. Startups will be assisted with promotion, recruitment and legalization. In addition, IT Crimea plans to open a venture capital fund. According to Dmitry Gachko, the company will invest in startups in the sowing round. And successful projects will help to find investors for the next stages of financing.

    The technology park will support not only startups, but also research projects. IT CRIMEA will finance scientific initiatives and help researchers organize experiments.

    Residents will receive tax benefits from the city authorities, and in the future they plan to make the technopark a zone with a special legal regime similar to the High-Tech Park in Minsk - where companies are exempted from corporate taxes and pay insurance premiums at a reduced rate.

    Residents of IT CRIMEA

    The first residents of the technopark were companies from Sevastopol engaged in software development. One of them is the Simple startup, which creates its own ITSM system - an analog of such solutions as BMC, ServiceNow and Micro Focus.

    The system development team includes graduates of the Sevastopol State University and a branch of Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov. All of them were participants in an incubator operating on the basis of an industrial park.

    At the same time, individual specialists may become residents - for this there is the opportunity to join existing projects. Now there are not so many vacancies, but over time there will be more. Therefore, all resumes of specialists are kept in a single database in order to later invite these people to work in other projects.

    To become a member of an industrial park, a company or a specialist needs to leave contacts in the form on the project website .

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