Internet Father Vint Cerf Explains What ICANN Is and How the Internet Works

    Vint Cerf looks into the future of the Internet

    For most Internet users, surfing the web looks very simple. We open the browser, enter the address of our beloved VKontakte, press enter and get what we wanted: correspondence with Masha from a neighboring department, a group of his company on a social network, the development of which has been ongoing for more than a month.

    Of course, for seeming simplicity - a very complex infrastructure, a huge number of systems and subsystems that ensure the operation of the Network. In general, it’s even inconvenient to talk about it on Habré, everyone knows it all.

    But the other day there was an interesting video created by Google with the participation of Vint Cerf. The video, which is very colorful, by the way, talks about what ICANN is, how this organization works and the domain / server infrastructure it controls, and why all this is needed.

    The video below is full of Internet memes.

    In addition, Vint Cerf talks about why global changes benefit the future of the Internet.

    Actually, if you know all this, it’s worth watching the video anyway - if only to show it to someone who is more or less aware of the principle of the Network, but does not fully understand the whole depth of the plan.

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