Firefox 31 Release

    On July 22, a stable version of Firefox 31 was released for desktops and mobile devices based on Android.

    Key changes:
    - a new system for blocking the download of files containing malware using the Google Safe Browsing API ;
    - for the Windows platform, built-in ogg and pdf handlers have been added (can be overridden);
    - fixed a number of critical vulnerabilities ;
    - when you open a new tab, a search field is now displayed (by default, Google, you can change);

    - Added new features ECMAScript 6;
    - Support for Web Video Text Tracks is now enabled by default;
    - improveddeveloper tools;
    - support for variables in css blocks with the prefix "-" (previously proposed "var-");
    - Added support for the Prefer: Safe http header to support parental controls.

    Changes for developers .
    News on the Mozilla forum (full list of changes) .

    Download links: for desktops , for mobile devices .

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