Geek Picnic 2014 and my last year picnic experience

    Last year, I had little time to look at Geek Picnic, as I was busy giving everyone an opportunity to plunge into the style of arcade machines with buttons and sticks using the classic Marvel vs Capcom fighting game. Therefore, this year, in order to get the most out of Geek Picnic, I compiled a selection of unusual things that will be available at the festival.

    Girls play arcade machine

    Geek Picnic 2013

    I must say right away that this year my arcade will not be at the Picnic. His game board could not withstand the loads of last year and burned out. And the project of creating a full-fledged machine, which I talked about in this hub , is still frozen.

    arcade nightstand

    The only thing I managed to try out at Geek Picnic 2013 was the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet. It has become for me the most memorable gadget of last year. And this year, the Pebble watch moved it from the top line.

    Oculus rift

    Geek Picnic 2014

    And now, I will try to briefly talk about the events and devices that most interested me from this year’s Geek Picnic program.

    1. The largest 3D printer in Russia “Tsar 3D-printer”

    It is made by my friend and habrovchanin xzest . This printer will surpass the current record holder from Germany, whose working surface allows making figures with dimensions of 1147x1000x1188 mm or almost 1.3 m³. Interestingly, the announced price of such a printer is $ 39,000, and our designer can handle the amount an order of magnitude less.

    The largest 3D printer

    2. ABB Robotics

    These are industrial miracle robots, videos with which have repeatedly scattered over the Internet. Previously, motion control technology was available for them, and at the Picnic it will be possible to test the neural interface and control the industrial robot with the power of thought. It is unlikely to succeed as impressive as in the video, but the topic of neural interfaces is becoming widespread this year, I really want to see it live, is it as good as in the commercials.

    3. Robot Mondo spider

    Such a mechanical spider I saw two years ago on Kickstarter . There, enthusiasts made a two-ton colossus with a foot span of 5 meters. The spider that can be seen at the Picnic is much smaller and developed by completely different people.

    Giant Kickstarter Spider

    4. Robot tattoo artist

    It is made on the basis of a conventional 3D printer Makerbot and I really want to look at a daredevil who will give himself into the hands of such a master and, of course, at the quality of the tattoo received. When this robot was just announced for the press, he knew how to draw only around the circumference. Further, the developers promised to teach the car to make any tattoos already, but I don’t know exactly which version of the gadget will be at Picnic.


    5. Championship quadrocopters

    Last year, it was also held as part of the Geek Picnic and was commented on by many famous Courage-Bambay. I hope that this year the organizers will make the competitions more spectacular, and the obstacle course for copters even more difficult. Indeed, over the past year, the aircraft themselves and the controls have improved markedly.

    And here is a video from last year.

    The event promises much more that is interesting. I set my priorities on the basis of this program of events in pdf .

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