The next generation Raspberry Pi will be released no earlier than 2017

    As already wrote on Habré , the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an updated version of the raspberry, we are talking about the Raspberry Pi Model B + with more USB ports and GPIO pins. However, this model is an updated old version, not a new generation of mini-PCs.

    In the comments to the post about the Raspberry Pi Model B +, the question was asked about the release date of the new generation of the device. The other day, the developers decided on a date: the next version, with a faster processor and other goodies, will be released no earlier than 2017. So wait a long time.

    The developers plan to make the device more productive, so that on desktops based on the "raspberry", you can work with 3D graphics.

    In addition, it is planned to create new software for the new version of Raspberry Pi, including an HTML5 browser capable of playing HD videos from YouTube. The first version of such a browser will be available in 3 months, and instructions for working with the beta version are available here .

    Of course, 3 years is a long time. During this time, faster processors, updated technologies, miniature computer chips may appear (and appear) on the market. Two years have passed since the release of the Raspberry Pi, yes, and this mini-PC is still quite in demand.

    But after three years, the situation could radically change. Already there are analogues (more or less high-quality) like SolidRun HummingBoard, pcDuino3, Banana Pi, and ECS LIVA. In three years, competitors can go far ahead, plus new competitors may appear.

    Via raspi

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