Bing became the next search engine to request removal of search results

    This option is available only to EU residents, as is a consequence of the decision of the European Court of Justice, which ruled that users have the “right to be forgotten” - right to be forgotten, as it is called. The decision was made a couple of months ago and specifically related to Google, but, apparently, Microsoft decided not to wait until their turn came.

    Users who wish to erase themselves from the memory of the World Wide Web are invited to fill out a detailed form , on the basis of which a decision will be made to remove the requested information from the search.

    Let me remind you that Google decidedinstead of deleted search results, show a message that there was once a result that they had to delete. He also planned to give something like that in the Bing search at the time of writing this note - perhaps you would have to wait for the first deleted results.

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