Data security on Android, deep links from Facebook and the new MOBA to mobile phones - the main mobile news of the week

    Android phones store personal data even after a total reset

    Your data is in danger! Android users should be more serious about the security of their data, as Avast specialists using their utility were able to get personal data from 20 used phones purchased on eBay. To reach our prudence, Avast published information in the form of infographics .

    More than 40,000 photographs and other equally important data were obtained by specialists from these phones. And here, probably, you cannot blame the users themselves, they, following the instructions, deleted this information from the phones. The problem is that, due to the software features of the devices, this data was not actually erased. In addition, Avast warns that in some cases, factory reset does not save either. You can solve the problem of “deleted” files using the free application from Avast (non-advertising post).

    It's time to embed deep links from Facebook into apps.

    Recall that the company Facebook has long been announced App Links - the ability to follow the link from Facebook immediately inside the mobile application. Today, the company said that developers have created more than 1 billion of such links.

    This is a very convenient mechanism for transferring a user from the Facebook feed to the desired screen of your mobile application. An excellent viral tool and the ability to retarget users.

    Direct integration with mobile applications is gaining momentum and provides developers with very effective tools for interacting with users. As we wrote , Google now indexes mobile applications and makes it possible to immediately open a mobile application from search results and see the content there.

    The capabilities of mobile applications are increasing every day. The disadvantages of the mobile web are less and less)

    Messengers now get to the lockscreens of your devices

    A funny creation from a Loklok startup with an interesting idea. This application allows you to draw hearts on the girlfriend’s lock screen. Or a friend, okay. Or friends, long live the 21st century! Is it not nice to send photographs and pictures with hand-made signatures and drawings, wishing people good morning or mimicking during the day?

    By the way! You can not only share your message with one recipient, but also chat in a group: find out the opinion of friends about a particular menu item or solve the issue of choosing a movie. True, at the moment you can only be in three groups at a time. The creators explain this by their focus on coziness, warmth, and the desire to provide users with the opportunity to share their mood with greater intelligibility. So the value of sent messages should increase.

    So if you want the first thing you saw in the morning to unlock the screen, your dear person, be your man-made message - download it! The application is already available. True, there is another limitation. The program is available only for Android. Versions for iOS, most likely, are not expected, in any case, with fully preserved functionality: Apple's OS does not allow interacting with lockscreen in this way.

    New MOBA on Mobile - Fates Forever

    At the end of June, WoT Blitz became very successful worldwide . Judging by the indicators, the game feels great. Following the PC, tanks captured the tops of grossing in the mobile space. And what other popular genres and titles on the PC have not yet switched to mobile platforms?

    The largest genre is MOBA (DotA2, League of Legens). These games earn like others do not dream. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are companies that are trying to repeat such success on mobile platforms.
    The first bird was the game Heroes of Order & Chaos from Gameloft, it was released already in November 2012. It paid for itself, it was lit everywhere, but could not gain much success. The next game of this genre was Solstice Arenafrom Zynga, which was launched in May 2013. Her performance was sadder, but the game even came out on Steam. It seemed that everyone was convinced that you should not transfer this genre to tablets, but no.

    Two new projects have appeared, the developers of which are going to try their luck in this area. What is noteworthy, both games are made exclusively for tablets.
    Vainglory is a very beautiful MOBA with its own look at interfaces and gameplay. Games go 3x3. There are few heroes, but it's nice to play. The game is launched only in a number of Asian countries and is at the soft launch stage.

    Fates Forever was recently opened to the world. She has a slightly unusual setting, similar to the cartoon about “Kung Fu Panda,” but the game is very well made. And it is recommended that all who yearn for DotA on tablets be familiarized with it.

    The new MOBAs are very well made, but there are still no games that could replicate the success of DotA on mobile platforms.

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