SAP Leonardo Hackathon from velcom and SAP for developers from Belarus

    This year we are expanding the geography of events for developers of B2B applications and services and launching a new format of competitions in Belarus - SAP Leonardo Hackathon , with the support of velcom mobile operator . We offer Belarusian developers to go from idea to finished product for corporate customers.

    Under the cut - about the conditions of participation in the competition and prizes for the winners.

    Independent developers and teams can take part in SAP Leonardo Hackathon in two nominations - a competition of ideas and a competition of teams. To participate in the first stage of the competition, it is necessary to prepare a presentation of the idea or prototype of an IT solution for the digital transformation of business processes of an enterprise in one of the branches of the Belarusian economy - using artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, blockchain, big data analytics and other advanced technologies. Competition organizers accept presentations of participants by e-mail . Then the jury consisting of SAP and velcom technology experts, as well as IT directors of leading Belarusian companies - Belarusian Metallurgical Plant, Belaruskali, Grodno Azot - will select relevant ideas and projects for the next phase of the hackathon.

    During the second stage of SAP Leonardo Hackathon, contestants must prepare a finished prototype using SAP Leonardo digital platform technologies - including services for the Internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, intelligent data processing, Big Data or analytics. For this, SAP and velcom will hold a two-day training seminar in the data center of the cellular operator, where they will tell about the features of development on the SAP Leonardo platform.

    The face-to-face SAP Leonardo Hackathon final will be held in Minsk in November, the jury will select the best projects according to the following criteria: relevance for the Belarusian economy, project uniqueness, scalability and the use of technologies and capabilities of the SAP Leonardo platform. The winners of the competition will receive support from velcom and SAP to finalize their prototype to a finished application, which will then be placed in the velcom cloud - in the corporate application store for Belarusian enterprises.

    Detailed information about the conditions of participation, information for submitting your application - on the site hakaton .

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