SharePoint Farm - New Feature in Microsoft Azure


    At the Microsoft 2014 Partner Conference, the ability to create a 3-server SharePoint farm in a few clicks was announced. The process is fully automated!

    This feature is available only on the new Azure management portal . You can create 2 types of farms - simple and high availability




    Figure 1. Simple SharePoint farm . 2. Highly accessible SharePoint farm The Farm

    Creation Wizard is very simple, and is a set of the following options


    . 3. The first part of the settings screen for creating a SharePoint farm

    • Resource Group is the container where the farm will be created.
    • Enable high availability - choose between farm types
    • Domain Controllers. Review Settings - you can see and, if necessary, edit the default settings for the domain controller - you can change the domain name, and also change the virtual machine template. Also on this screen you can see information about the template.


    Fig. 4. Options for the domain controller. In the

    same way, you can change the options for SQL Server and SharePoint Servers


    . 5. The second part of the settings screen for creating a SharePoint farm.

    In addition, you can change the options for the virtual network, diagnostics, and storage account. You can also select a subscription, and change the region where your farm will be deployed. After specifying all the options, click on Create and wait for the farm to be created.


    SharePoint Server Farm

    SharePoint Server Farm Configuration Details

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