My Corporate Communications Experience at Social Media

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I have been doing SMM for a long time, with the submission of Anton Popov . Since then, my friendship with social networks has been strong, I am glad about all the tasks that they set for me - I learned a lot. Then he decided that he needed to compress his experience. I sat down somehow to write an article about SMM - and as I started - I could not stop, I scribbled such a graphomaniac post. But I’m sure that he said everything in the case. P.S. I think the Khabrovsk residents will forgive me for talking about the Habr (I wrote this article not for the Habr, but for everyone in general).

What is SMM in B2B IT? By and large, this is another channel of communication between the company and partners. The task of marketing in an affiliate business comes down to two things: a) making contacts - lead generation, b) maintaining old ties. Another way to remind partners of their existence. Of course, the company used standard media tools: newsletters, advertising layouts in the IT press, etc. But all these communication channels were used mainly in the old fashioned way. For example, in the affiliate newsletter there were no built-in statistics, i.e. it was not visible: how many letters were open, how many got into spam, etc., i.e. with regard to the newsletter, it was completely unclear what partners like and dislike. Which letters they read, and which they send to the basket.

It’s clear that these are not sales. This indirectly promotes sales. I don’t sell anything, those guys are selling that every day in battle - that's why everything is for them. Those. if you want a review - please, if you want a webinar - let's do it, if you want to shoot a video - we’ll shoot it. But first things first.
My main task is to remind partners of the MUK company and generate quality content. It was necessary to find high-quality informational occasions. Usually the old approach - there is only one info line - we are the best company, we have been on the market for so many years and so on. Of course, no one except the company is interested. What matters is what does the company bring to the market? The company shows and holds the brand in competence. But you won’t just talk like that and boast about yourself, you need a reason for this - work experience is a very good informational occasion.

It all started with the fact that the president of the company decided that you need to keep up with the times, and you need to create such a position as a “social media manager”. Of course, few supported him, but then, after a year of my work, everyone on the board of the company realized that it was necessary. This is another way for the company to say something to the world, partners, and my task is to keep track of WHAT the company says and HOW it says. But at the same time I was told that, you say, don’t forget, we are a closed company, and we all have only officialdom, “looks like morality”, official releases, no step left and right.

In such difficult conditions, I had to start informal communications in the company from scratch. I was assigned to lead several projects. These included: e-books, the MUK training center, the MUK group of companies themselves — for the most part, project distribution, and box distribution. At that time, the company MUK still released its electronic books ABC and LBUK. There was a certain decline in this direction. I thought and thought, and wrote a review of the newer model of the ABC 618 reader. I hung up the review without approving it with anyone, without going through all the circles of hell with approvals and statements. After when 25 thousand people read the review over one weekend, no one even had any questions: do I need to write something to the Habr. But if I went the standard way, what would happen? The review would be castrated, removing all living things from there,

We are gradually moving to the tool resources themselves

Having got acquainted with the habr, we bought a corporate account on the habr and began to maintain the MUK blog. The question arose: where to get the content from? After all, a habr is something like a specific facebook. It has its own internal mechanism for screening trash and material of dubious quality. Here the user has a club, which he can hit in response if you wrote nonsense. Voting for a post - if you wrote well, then your post is plus - your publication takes off to heaven. As was the case with the reader.

We started to write reviews and articles about complex software and hardware solutions. The optimal frequency of writing articles on Habr is 1 article per week. I didn’t keep up with everything, so it took me a lot of work to convince the authorities in such an initiative so that the employees themselves wrote articles on the Habr. Prior to that, all articles on Habr if someone wanted to write - everything was from under a stick. Well, it is clear that this could not lead to anything good. I convinced the management that writing an article is a lot of work, and it should be paid. Now, if an employee writes an article for Habr - he receives a bonus, and if his article gains 100+ - receives a double bonus.

Further, we determined that the majority of the target audience of the training center is on the hub. Therefore, they began to do UC flour promotion through Habr. I will give a recent example illustrating all the strength and power of a habr. I posted an ad for a free webinar at our Training Center.

Literally in 30 minutes Nikolay, a commercial man, calls me. Deer of UTs and speaks, - close, already 300 people have registered! what will I do with them ?! And I tell him, those who did not manage to get to the webinar, write that, they say, the number of places is limited, but we will send you a webinar recording (because it is free), but you already have 300 of your potential buyers. As a result, 500 people registered for the webinar per day.

Then we began to think how else to say about our training center. We made several video reports with feedback on the workshops of the CA. But if you just lay them out, they will spit it out with the words “advertising”! I thought, I thought, and came up with it - I sat down and wrote a guide on how to shoot video feedback about IT seminars, but as an example, I naturally cited the videos that we shot in the UTs. As a result, I got the thousands of views I needed for these videos that I needed to be taken into YouTube’s indexing. Based on the results of watching videos. During the publication, there was a surge in views, we completed the task: we advanced the ITIL-HP theme. Until now, people come to the links in the descriptions of these videos in the CA.

And now work continues on the training center. What is the subject to declare itself to the training center: 1. All free seminars and presentations - shamelessly fast on the same hub - they love freebies everywhere. Here's what you can’t do on a hub - to post a commercial offer or direct advertising message (they don’t like it anywhere) - for this they will simply wipe and lower the post far down, where no one will see it. 2. We publish videos, excerpts from seminars and webinars.

A few words about Habr. Habr - this is its own social network, such a pool of blogs on IT topics. This social network is a Russian-speaking IT community that is read not only in the CIS, but also abroad. The scale of the habr is impressive: 15 million unique visitors per month, 1.5 million of them from Ukraine. Habr is read because, and it is popular because it has an internal mode of screening of unique, and the best content. In regular blogs, what is the reader’s influence on the publication? Well, maximum to express your “fairy” to the author in the comments. And here if you wrote nonsense - your article will be zipped and you will not be able to write anything else soon (the system will not allow you). Those. next time you will think so many times before you say something. It’s like in the Athenian parliament there was such a rule: if you put forward a bill, and they don’t take it - you are supposed to get 50 sticks for it (if we had such a thing - how many less foolish laws were there !?) Because of such a tough mechanism, a very high-quality selection of content is taking place. But if you get to the point - you take off all the cream of attention - as mentioned above - 25 thousand readings a day is far from the limit. Another important point: Google is very fond of indexing Habr - since there is a constant increase in unique content, already 1 hour after the publication of the article - it will be in search. For example, there are not very well-known telephony solutions in Ukraine by one vendor. The brand manager and I wrote a series of reviews (specially written for Habr) and now, on the right key request, a dozen of our reviews from Habr drop out. But if you get to the point - you take off all the cream of attention - as mentioned above - 25 thousand readings a day is far from the limit. Another important point: Google is very fond of indexing Habr - since there is a constant increase in unique content, already 1 hour after the publication of the article - it will be in search. For example, there are not very well-known telephony solutions in Ukraine by one vendor. The brand manager and I wrote a series of reviews (specially written for Habr) and now, on the right key request, a dozen of our reviews from Habr drop out. But if you get to the point - you take off all the cream of attention - as mentioned above - 25 thousand readings a day is far from the limit. Another important point: Google is very fond of indexing Habr - since there is a constant increase in unique content, already 1 hour after the publication of the article - it will be in search. For example, there are not very well-known telephony solutions in Ukraine by one vendor. The brand manager and I wrote a series of reviews (specially written for Habr) and now, on the right key request, a dozen of our reviews from Habr drop out. in 1 hour after the publication of the article - she will be in the search. For example, there are not very well-known telephony solutions in Ukraine by one vendor. The brand manager and I wrote a series of reviews (specially written for Habr) and now, on the right key request, a dozen of our reviews from Habr drop out. in 1 hour after the publication of the article - she will be in the search. For example, there are not very well-known telephony solutions in Ukraine by one vendor. The brand manager and I wrote a series of reviews (specially written for Habr) and now, on the right key request, a dozen of our reviews from Habr drop out.

Habra Widgets

In Russian, these are banners that we can put on our blog. As for dynamic gifs, I have not tested it yet - most likely not. But for sure the banner can be hung static. Well, which manager wants to, can hang his banner: I only need a picture of the right size and a link.

As for the distribution of the MUK, which I have already partially mentioned, it took some time here to determine where you do not need to go and what you do not need to talk about.

The main thing: practice has shown that all kinds of contacts, live magazines and Google-pluses are completely unnecessary. Who is our audience? Business people who log in to Facebook often or not often. It is for their attention that we will fight. I joined the company when the peak of my hobby for social networks began to subside. Therefore, it was necessary to concentrate on the main thing. We regularly conducted questionnaires and surveys among partners, and saw that the most popular among the IT-business audience are Habr, Facebook and Linkedin, and also a slideshow with its own characteristics - but there is a separate discussion about it below. Accordingly, we focused only on these social networks. In all the rest, only RCC news flows were left in their place, since these resources brought some kind of but traffic. In the end, I made a bet only on these three social networks: Facebook, Linkedin and Habr, and still Twitter just in case. And he began to work with them.

Facebook comes first. What is the logic of social media posting? And on Facebook in particular. There is a newsletter: we created an information guide - wrote a good review or article or shot a video, we send a letter to our partners via our partner newsletter. But it’s clear what can happen in different ways: the person didn’t see it, it wasn’t before, the letter fell into spam by accident, he thought to open it later, but forgot, etc. (Especially when to send letters on what day, at what time, how to write headlines - this is the topic of a separate review). Then, we post on Facebook, where we talk about the fact that we wrote such and such a review about that and that. It is imperative for facebook which format is best. There are 3 types of Facebook posts: short notes - from several sentences, of different sizes and contents. The main disadvantage is that they cannot be edited (at the time of publication it was impossible - it is already possible).

The second version of Facebook posts - notes, Facebook notes - is a separate application, with its functionality, until the recent release of Facebook, notes looked very poor, large photos could not be put there, respectively, it was almost impossible to post a normal review with photos there, facebook I reduced the pictures to miniature sizes, and everything was as inconvenient as the messages on the forum since the beginning of the Internet. Now notes, their Facebook interface has been completed - they have become at least somewhat similar. But I usually use the verified format: a thematic photo + an eyeliner of 3-4 sentences + a link to our review (usually on a hub). Why is this format better: the picture attracts attention, the eyeliner picks up attention and leads to the desire to click on a full-fledged view, where the intrigue is revealed.

The total that we receive, the person saw our letter with the right heading opened / did not open it, then went on Facebook in the evening and saw from the side our advertisement with a review that he might not have opened in business mail. Thus, we created a good news feed, brought it to the partner, and did the most important thing - reminded ourselves of the partner. What the distributor’s task actually consists in - being always at the ear of the partners so that the partner does not forget about you. Also, a post about a new review appeared on Twitter and Linkeddin’s feed for support.

Facebook has such an opportunity - to create target audiences. For example, you want your Facebook post to be shown only to certain people. To do this, a list of emails is uploaded to Facebook, Facebook addresses these people by address and displays a banner / message only to them (naturally not for free). An example of creating such a CA on Facebook:

This is an illustration of how you can correctly mention a vendor company in your post. If you write a post on Facebook. When typing the name, put the dog, and select the desired link.

In this section, you can logically distribute your contact lists on Facebook. So that your online communication is divided into areas. After all, there are topics and people, well, in no way intersecting. Here for this, so that everything does not fall into one heap in your feed to those people who do not need to see your message. You can also manage your feed using these lists so that there is no unnecessary spam.

A few words about Linkeddin

This is a huge business social network, especially it was loved by atishniks in our open spaces, especially for job search.

What is there for corporate communications. You can keep a campaign card where you fill out the company profile, fill out all the photos, videos and other media. The company’s card has a tab “services and products” - there you write everything, or the main directions of what the company does. In addition, a direction manager can be added to each direction so that people immediately know who to write and on what issue.

This is what the page of the MUK company in Linkeddin looks like:

Decipher the page. Shows company employees on social networks, shows what kind of connections (through whom and how) you are connected with the company.
Above it is shown that the company is tracked by 614 people. Accordingly, if you share the update on behalf of the company, this update will appear in the feed of all 614 people (this includes both employees and non-employees of the company - in this case, partners).

MUK Services and Products Tab

What can be done in this contribution? At the bottom of each item statistics are displayed (it is visible only to page admins). On the right you can add some kind of promotional video about the company. In this case, a video from YouTube hangs (they are pulled up without problems) video report on the partner event MUK-novemberfest 2013. At the very beginning of “products and services”, you can hang up to 3 promo banners - you can create your own separate audience for each banner (more on that later) . Recommendation: select no more than 10 products and services of your company, because if you add them more than 10, they will go to page 2 - and, accordingly, will not be visible.

Company Product Card

When we go into some kind of company service, we see the information about the service, we see who recommended this service to the company, and who can be contacted for this service (block on the right).

How is Linkeddin being considered by an IT audience now? - As a collection of resumes, IT headhunters very often graze there, in search of the right candidate. Our IT specialists look there for work abroad, work for outsourcing, etc. Regarding weights, Facebook VS Linkdein. Linkdein has never become the main social-business resource in our space; most of our business contacts go through Facebook. Here, our IT rabonik already has an account on Facebook and Linkedin, it’s just a matter of taste where more often a person visits.

Linkedin has banner advertisements on linked eds There is a very great choice of audience. You can choose: company, position, salary level and much more.

Here is an example of a campaign of our MUK-Expo 2013 exhibition:

When setting up a campaign, there are a huge number of additional options for selecting an audience

Excellent tools for accurately selecting an audience, for example:

In this case, there was a small audience, because there is an intersection in position - there are no top managers so much, but if for example you need all the IT staff of Privatbank, you can easily select them as a separate target audience and only show them your ad point-to-point.

In linkeddin, everything is fine with the selection of the audience, but what's bad is that the advertising is very expensive, now they included the price for impressions, and before the auction for click-impressions started from $ 2 per click. For Western IT companies this is not much, for ours it is expensive. Linkeddin even opened a Russian-language department for expanding in the corporate segment in the CIS, but whether or not this will come out is not clear. Once again, many scares away the cost of advertising.


This is a great resource for downloading presentations. Very common in the west.
What tools are there and how can it be used in our conditions.
There are 2 types of accounts: free and paid. Free gives limited functionality only for downloading presentations. But the paid version of the service is very interesting. He is not expensive - $ 20. per month.

What does he give? The most important thing is the collection of leads. T.N. lead generation. For example, you download a presentation, the user sees the slides, but does not hear your voice, where you comment on the information on the slides. Slides in this case play the role of a diagram / summary of the performance. And you can talk with a person using pop-ups exactly where he most likely will inevitably have questions: you tell the viewer of your presentation online: colleague do you want to know more about this? Please leave your email and I will answer all your questions! Those. the meaning of this presentation is to get into personal contact - this way the task of partner communications will be completed.

In the slideshow, you can put an audio track under your slides - here is a very convenient recording panel, or you can immediately read the presentation, recording your voice, and scroll through the slides in the right places. You can also upload a video from YouTube as a presentation.

It is easy to use the slideshow as a platform for webinars - you can add only certain listeners, for / share any webinars / presentations / videos, etc. Well, the standard functionality for sharing and embedding any updates in social networks is also present.

In addition to lead generation, it’s necessary to say that in the settings of each presentation there is a checkmark to allow the presentation to be downloaded, and if a person wants to download, they will ask him for an email, and this email will be sent to you, as the author of the presentation, say they downloaded this became interested in your prese - and it makes sense to talk to him.

Of course, this resource is more popular in the west. He works with us in conjunction with other social resources, facebook, linkeddin (by the way, likeddin is fully integrated with the slideshow, and in case of integration in your profile linkeddin a separate page appears with all your presentations). Slidesharov presentations can easily be embedded in articles on the hub

Here is an example of such integration. It was necessary for our presentation to gain a lot of views, and thus become popular not only with partners we already knew, but also tell other potential partners about the company. These presentations on switches were built into a post on a hub - in 2 days more than 40,000 views.

Pay attention to presentation views

In pursuit of Habré

I talked with many PR managers of IT companies, asked about the Habr, they said that yes, they know very well about the Habr, but they are stopped by the fact that readers have weapons, and they can ride very well on the image of the company. Well, firstly, you need to look for high-quality news feeds, and despite any image, if a company speaks on business and says useful things, then this is a big plus for it in karma, not only on the hub And secondly, I performed an experiment, read the hub, commented, wrote, something was successful, something was unsuccessful, and after a while I was able to write on the hubr about anything: about why write to the hubr, about how to rent an apartment - everything went very well, no one messed. For this reason, that Habr has long been from an IT resource, has become a good resource for PR, design, advertising, marketing and many other useful things in work, life and everyday things, the administration began to cut such posts. But then again, what is impossible for a mere mortal is possible for a company on a corporate blog, because a Habrovsk resident does not pay a habru, but a company pays, so the company can post some nonsense, but in the first comment you will understand everything. Yes, the audience of the Habr is finicky, but if you try for her, she will be very grateful. For example, we published a review of the KUB telecommunication cabinets, which are being made in Ukraine, and the article without any agreements was reprinted by many Ukrainian online media. Habr’s audience is finicky, but if you try for her, she will be very grateful. For example, we published a review of the KUB telecommunication cabinets, which are being made in Ukraine, and the article without any agreements was reprinted by many Ukrainian online media. Habr’s audience is finicky, but if you try for her, she will be very grateful. For example, we published a review of the KUB telecommunication cabinets, which are being made in Ukraine, and the article without any agreements was reprinted by many Ukrainian online media.

Screen of publication about cabinets:

Now you can take a look at the profile of the MUK company at the hub:, you will not see a sky-high rating there, and thousands of subscribers. (Yes, now the blog is off, since we are preparing a different format for presence on the hub - what? Everything has its time). We can’t compare us with the Yandex rating, but I’m sure that Yandex allocates not a small amount to a blog on a hub only. We do not have a client business - we do not need mass, we need less and better. In this case, Habr fulfills a twofold mission - it was chosen as a platform for publishing some kind of information guide and reviews from the company - since on the one hand: this is a public place, an IT forum where it’s not a shame to say something even to such a respected company- to a giant like Google, i.e. everyone will see you, on the other hand, we should not unwind for a long time and tediously, for example, our personal blog on our site. It only includes quality work with affiliate newsletters and all here the habr will also raise the material, and the material itself does not need expensive advertising on the habr itself. Thus, the following scheme emerges: we publish our materials in a public place, and through the mailing list we bring partners there, making high-quality informational events for them. If, when publishing reviews, someone else reads them and is interested, our partner-client channel has the opportunity to expand.


Since I was tasked with the production and positioning of video content, the very first first question was: YouTube or Vimeo, what's the question? Two different video hosting services are sharpened differently for different video content. In those days, YouTube has not yet finished playing video in HD. But due to the prevalence and penetration, the choice fell on YouTube, Vimeo is more for connoisseurs.

So what did we start posting on YouTube?
- Reporting video reports after the events,
- reviews of product solutions that we want to tell partners about,
- seminars, webinars, live broadcasts, lectures
- about products and solutions that we sell
- from the MUK training center, in which we either talk about new courses, why you need to attend them, or post those courses that were initially free to attend.

What will YouTube not appreciate? Glamor, no, not just quality, but glamor for the sake of glamor will not be appreciated. This is not an HD movie theater, it is a social network where someone came there for what purpose: who to watch for boobs, who to listen to lectures ...

Given that on the vendor’s channels, even cool shot videos gain about 100-200 views, our videos gain an average of 2000 views.

Again, the idea of ​​integration is included here: the video is removed, and a note is made about the video on the hub itself, where the viral distribution of the video actually takes place. Of course, a lot depends on the success of the video, on its context, or something, but on the whole, a lot depends on what is called Social Media Post Production. And it happens like this: they shot a cool video, but they don’t have very many views, and a person looks like this and thinks: oh, great video, and why he has so few views, can he not be so cool? ..

In YouTube there is an opportunity to insert right on top of the video notes, comments, pop-ups, etc. Here with the links there are problems - selling links can be inserted only if you confirm that you are a seller, and sell on Amazon and somewhere in Western stores. With this, everything is complicated, with us it is not very relevant.

I use notes in one case: if the seminar is very long - 2 hours, and you need to break it into thematic sections. For example: introduction, product overview, licensing, questions, etc. This is best done so that the person does not run across the entire timeline in search of the desired section of the video. In this case, you don’t need to cut the video into pieces. It is necessary to put a link in the note with reference to the time for the same video. On the timeline inside the video, you indicate how much your link will hang in the video itself:

There is still a YouTube editor on YouTube: It so happens that the video has already been published, and delivered to the hub, and everywhere, but you need to put a cut-off point in the credits or cut out some unnecessary moment. To add captions, this is the section of annotations, (see above), and for simple editing, YouTube editor is quite suitable.

When you choose music for a video in YouTube, pick up music free of copyright, the so-called free copyright music, in this case you will not get to the copyright infringement eklam. YouTube sacredly observes the rights of copywriters, so it’s better not to joke with this - they will ban the account to hell. But if the eclame came, it is usually in the “Copyright” section of the control panel, then you don’t need to be scared either, I had cases of eclames, this is all solved, usually even correspondence with the copyright holder was enough, that they don’t mind. If it really happens that Linkin Park fits your video very well, then of course, don’t take the original track, take a cover version - this will not be a copyright infringement. Still, there can be a minus one way out - music without a voice, i.e. a unique human voice is the bearer of originality, and if it is not,

It is also possible in YouTube to organize live broadcasts of any events: from a seminar to webinars. This can be used if there is a topic that needs to be popularized / promoted to the masses. Or, if the topic needs to be revealed to a limited number of people. Locked topics can only be accessed by those with a link. For example, we want only partners to see a certain broadcast - a link is given only to them. This opportunity can be used by yourself, as well as offer vendors.

Here is another example of affiliate communication. One of our partners sends out a paper version of his calendar to all his partners and distributor. Yes, one can argue about the nude aspects. But you need to take into account several points: a) the main audience of partner companies is men, b) memorability is 100%. Do you think these calendars are thrown away? No matter how. They are sacredly stored and hang in a row by year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. And here they act, as I said: the idea of ​​integration. Not only did they remove the calendar, print, send it out. Another site was made with the calendar , a Facebook page - where videos from an individual girl, Miss February, March, etc., are posted every month. - the excitement is colossal.


For the first time I went to a habitation, because I really wanted to write something more actively on the hub, but because of the toothy and evil audience, of course - I was afraid. I talked with both experienced Khabrovites and ordinary readers of the Habr. And to all pestered with a question - what and how to write on a habr. And I found out the following: even eminent Khabrovites, with sky-high karma, welcome if they send them articles for review - a la is good / not good for a habr. I made some acquaintances and sent them articles for reviews - their advice helped me a lot - thanks for that.
Then, the chief called me and asked about these meeting, I told, and suggested that the company MUK become a technical partner of meeting. What as a result we received from habravstv:

a) our Yech-ar was happy to get a good base of contacts of potential employees for constantly appearing vacancies of engineers and presales, technical specialists.

b) we talked about ourselves to the young IT generation, i.e. that the distributor not only carries something there, but also does a lot of things that help both partner and client to implement large IT projects

c) demonstrated our competence in technical matters

MUK magazine

Well, in the end there is a good principle “good projects give life to other good projects”. We published articles in our hubblog of the MUK company’s hubblog, articles were published there, and then we thought: why not publish our posts in the offline version? So that those who do not read the Habr (there are still such), could read the blog in paper format. Solved - done, selected several reviews - and the magazine appeared.

It is clear that it still requires improvements, but the most important thing is that there is a magazine, so there is something to improve. And this magazine did not grow out of nowhere, but on all this “nonsense” in social networks, as some people still call social networks. And if you suddenly say “let's publish a magazine” from scratch - there’s little chance that something will just be printed. After all, what we already had when we wanted to publish a magazine: a) about 100 full-fledged review articles already written, b) a pool of employees who are already used to writing, they already liked this lesson, c) already developed schemes for generating unique content. What is called the process has already been launched, and the journal only logically followed from itself, as the next is not just an additional, but a separate living project.

In mid-January, I posted the magazine in free access to our website. Do not look that there are as much as 2 minuses - in corporate blogs with such karma of a post, he still does not disappear from the main one - in this regard, the habr gives a small discount.

We see that there were 834 views of the post. But do not forget the task: I needed to download the magazine. Here are the statistics and geography of downloads. As we see STR, if it is counted it will be decent. Given the international department of MUK, foreign indicators are very important.

Vendors in the networks

After analyzing the presence of vendor companies on social networks, I made several conclusions: a) glamor is not needed, b) the lack of a content strategy - they write something and somehow, c) they think that the company’s brand itself is already a value, yes it’s it may be a value in terms of technology, but it’s not an official rout, it’s a smoking room where everyone can say what they think, and only because you are “in a tuxedo” - they will not politely speak with you.

Someone may feel dizzy from so many tools. But this is just a set of tools, they need to be known in order to assemble optimal corporate communication from these elements. Already how to use these tools to choose and decide for you.

Have you really read this graphomanian post? Respect to you from the author!

Contacts outside the Habr

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