Epson Printing Factory - printing photos in A4 and A3 + formats

    We already told on Habré about our unique line of devices without cartridges - the Epson Printing Factory. In the post, we briefly described the design features of the devices and found out how much more profitable to print on them than on a regular printer. The story about the  monochrome series of printers and MFPs caused a heated discussion and gave us the opportunity to know the opinion of the residents.

    It's time to learn more about printers for photo printing all the same Epson Printing Factory.

    Epson L800 - A4 Printing Factory

    Let's put the features of the device on the shelves :

    • Six-color photo printer with built-in ink containers instead of cartridges, 70 ml each.
    • The starter ink kit includes six ink containers: cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, and black.
    • The starter ink kit is enough to print 1800 color photographs of 10 × 15 cm format. That is, to use up all the ink in one year, you need to print at least 150 photos per month !
    • According to our calculations, the cost of one 10 × 15 cm print is 1.5 rubles excluding the cost of paper ( on our website it is described in detail how we calculated this)
    • The printer uses the revolutionary Epson Micro Piezo printing technology, which allows you to achieve high accuracy when printing images.
    • The printer can be transported without problems! Unlike self-made CISS, the L800 has a special ink blocking system that allows you to block the ink access to the print head and safely transfer the printer to a new workplace without leakage.
    • Of course, the device is covered by the official Epson warranty.

    Perhaps you already knew some of this before. But it will not be amiss to recall that such a product exists and allows you to really save on photo printing without risking killing the printer by installing a self-made CISS. With such a printer, you can safely open your own business for printing photos on the spot, for example.

    Epson L1800 - A3 + Printing Factory

    Meet the Epson L1800 ! Now you can print A3 + format photos at the Epson Printing Factory! Of course, if you wish, you can print a smaller format, including photo 10 × 15 cm. But the ability to print large-format photographs will be especially appreciated by professional photographers.
    According to our calculations, one set of ink should be enough for a little more than 200 photos of the A3 format. The figure is misleading and seems small, but it's 25 square meters of printed photos!

    That's all for now. We will be glad to know your opinion and experience with the Epson Printing Factory photo printers series!

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