MPAA Gets Popcorn Time Fork Removal With GitHub

    On Habré already wrote about Popcorn Time , and also that the application website very quickly closed , and program developers began to disappear from the field of view, one after another. In general, there is nothing mystical here: the film industry is constantly struggling with the "pirates" and sympathizers with them, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in this fight.

    Until now, copies of Popcorn Time have often proved themselves, and the source code for the application and its analogues were freely available on GitHub. But now everything has changed. Just a couple of days ago, all of the Popcorn Time analog apps disappeared from GitHub.

    Now, using the link that previously led to the application / sources, you can see such an inscription:

    As mentioned above, all forks of the official application have been deleted. But here’s the paradox: the original project still remained untouched on GitHub. It is somehow strange to see how everything related to Popcorn has been deleted, but the original, to which copyright advocates should show increased interest, remains.

    Nevertheless, the websites of projects removed from GitHub are still working, and no problems have been noticed. And the team of one of the most popular forks of the project, Time4Popcorn, announced tens of thousands of application downloads per day.

    Maybe the next step of the MPAA will be the project sites? It will be seen in the near future.

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