IBM Watson Helps Cooks Create New Recipes With New App

    On Habré the news was already published that IBM Watson, an IBM supercomputer, has learned how to compose its own recipes, and the combination of source products can be very unusual. Now Watson will help culinary experts from all over the world make interesting and unexpected recipes for different dishes.

    Together with Bon Appétit, IBM is introducing the Chef Watson with Bon Appétit (Watson Chef with Bon Appétit). Using the capabilities of the IBM Watson supercomputer and Bon Appétit knowledge, it will allow culinary experts around the world to use cognitive technologies to create completely new recipes and previously unknown gastronomic combinations. So far, the application is only available in closed beta.

    This is another step in the career of Watson Chef, introduced by IBM and the Institute of Culinary Education earlier this year. Then Watson's ability to learn and understand natural language was demonstrated. Now IBM is launching a beta version of an application built on the basis of the same technology and specially created for people who love to cook at home. For more on Watson chef, see Bon Appétit.

    “We are interested in knowing what new combinations Watson can open and how it will help culinary professionals,” says Adam Rapoport, chief editor of Bon Appétit. “We see that the intersection of food and technology contributes to the emergence of original ideas and the development of creative thinking - and not only in the kitchen of our publication, but also in the homes of our readers.”

    The Chef Watson with Bon Appétit app pushes the boundaries of traditional cooking and plunges into the creative process of finding new combinations of ingredients based on scientific evidence and cognitive technology. Watson now works as an assistant assistant for professionals in a variety of industries , including retail, healthcare, and financial services. Chef Watson is another example of the versatility of this technology and how it can change our lives.

    “We partnered with Bon Appétit to bring Watson technology into the hands of a small group of people who are passionate about cooking, want to experiment and become part of cutting-edge technology,” said Mike Rhodin, senior vice president of IBM Watson Group. “Our goal is to help people discover the potential of cognitive computer systems that can process large amounts of data and intuitively learn through interaction with people and information.”

    So far, the app with the chef Watson will initially be available to a limited group of readers of Bon Appétit, who will act as beta testers. Well, a beta tester can be here .

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