Lenovo S90: S - means selfie

    No matter how skeptical some people refer to the word “selfie”, a fact is a fact: smartphone users often make self-portraits. And since it became fashionable, they pay attention not only to the resolution of the main camera, but also to the front. In the end, it was not just that the British in 2013 declared “selfie” with the word of the year, and 2014 became the unspoken year of self-portraits. As a manufacturer of gadgets, we cannot ignore such a trend and therefore have released their self-phone - Lenovo S90. It is about him today that we want to tell you.

    Our marketers and developers from the central office, of course, did not focus exclusively on selfies, and represented S90 users as follows: young people, not geeks. And we in Moscow with such positioning are completely in solidarity. You must admit that it is difficult to imagine young people who do not like to have a good rest or just have fun spending free time. And it is not so important what is meant by this: there are thousands of options, and in many of them it is not necessary to be an extrovert. And along the way, why not take a picture for memory?

    Given the criteria, the appearance of the S90 was to become such that it was pleasant to pick up a smartphone, put it on a table in a cafe, and show it to friends. The idea, it seems, was completely successful: the design of the device is very actively discussed at many resources and forums. We have already read about comparisons and analogies and are not at all complex on this topic.

    The monolithic body made of brushed aluminum looks beautiful under any lighting conditions. Our colleagues from China also completed the package with a protective bumper cover. We fully endorse such a decision, because if someone seems to slide metal, the accessory will help out. Well, the developers tried to reduce the weight and size to a reasonable minimum: 129 grams were obtained with a screen diagonal of 5 inches and a thickness of 6.9 mm.

    The Lenovo S90 uses Samsung's Super AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. In our opinion, this choice gives the user many advantages over IPS: deep black color, high contrast and good readability under direct light sources. At the same time, the PPI for the HD screen is quite high: almost 300 pixels per inch. You can distinguish individual points, but only if you look at the picture very closely and carefully. You probably already guessed the color gamut yourself - the range is traditionally wide for AMOLED. Most users love saturated colors, but we cannot deny that there are also many adherents of restrained balance.

    Lenovo S90 is not a gaming smartphone, but it definitely does not fall into the low-power category. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset (MSM8916) is such a middle ground, maybe even with a plus. It uses 4 processor cores (Cortex-A52) with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and an Adreno 306 graphics accelerator. Plus, a solid supply of "RAM" - as much as 2 GB. In principle, experienced users simply seeing these words and numbers are unlikely to argue that some serious problems with the interface, browser, mail, cameras, and while watching videos are unlikely. Here, by the way, it’s appropriate to say a few kind words to the developers of our proprietary Vibe UI shell , who never forget the important word “optimization”.

    Support for Russian LTE frequencies certified for sale in the Russian Federation S90, of course, is. Many already simply cannot live without fast mobile Internet, and we perfectly understand them. Another advantage of the S90 is the ability to use two SIM cards. Even if you have only one number, it still remains a plus. During a vacation or business trip in another country, it can definitely come in handy - you will not guess in advance.

    The amount of permanent memory in the modification for the Russian market is fixed - 32 GB, of which Android 4.4.4 and pre-installed applications occupy around 7 GB. The remaining, as it seems to us, will be enough for all cases, except, perhaps, those when the user non-stop shoots a video. Although, to argue, a microSD card slot would definitely not be superfluous. But then we immediately report the good news: Lenovo S90 is listed in the list of devices that are 100% likely to receive an upgrade to Android 5.0 in the very near future.

    The resolution of the main camera Lenovo S90, as, for example, in Vibe X2, is 13 megapixels, but we decided to use a new module - from OmniVision. Formally, it is not “top-end”, but in fact it allows you to get excellent shots, which is greatly facilitated by PureСel noise reduction technology. We like the results, but the pictures will speak much better than the words. Moreover, not all processes were given to automation. The user is free to choose a white balance preset, change the ISO value and even switch between the two methods of metering exposure. Of course, it was not without HDR, built-in filters and panoramic mode. For those who have problems with a littered horizon, there is an electronic level.

    And finally, the most interesting, our pride is the front camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels and built-in flash. Not every flagship has this, although it is probably a matter of time. However, be that as it may, with the S90 you will make really good selfies without any “buts”. In daylight, everything will be absolutely wonderful, but even in pitch darkness the “shot” of the front flash will add a little grain, but you still have cool photos, while friends with other smartphones will only envy and ask for a shot.

    By the way, the user can make the black frame of the interface of the Camera application pink or yellow, thereby providing additional illumination. And when shooting, the fill "spreads" over the entire screen, plus there is the ability to slightly adjust the color temperature of the image. Also in the "kit" mode smoothing the skin for girls and as many as 5 options for remote shutter release.

    As for the battery, there is a battery with a capacity of 2300 mAh inside the smartphone, and on average one full charge lasts for a day's work. On sale the gadget appeared just the other day. And here immediately we want to warn you against buying a “gray metal”. Prices for S90 in small stores are “tasty”, but the devices there are also from the Chinese market: with 16 GB of memory, only a gigabyte of RAM and other LTE frequencies. Be carefull! Well, or just know in advance what you are agreeing to; ) And if you have questions, then, as always, we will be happy to answer them.

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