HostTracker welcomes Habr

    The team of the company HostTracker categorically welcomes all Hubrochitel. With this post we open our official blog on Habré.

    Who are we

    HostTracker is the largest site accessibility monitoring service. We help to increase the number of nines in the value of Uptime among our customers. We contribute to the operational solution of problems and increase the stability of sites. In the market since 2006. Head office in Kiev.

    Who is our customer?

    Our customers are people and companies for whom Stability and Accessibility are not empty words. Oh, a little grandiloquent happened ... Let's try again.
    Our clients are people and companies that quickly react and correct any mess that happens with their online resources. Strive for uptime 99.99999%. They want to get statistics on uptime, which is interesting to see for yourself, and to show and brag to clients with superiors, saying: “how everything is cool and stable here, and we didn’t draw the numbers ourselves, and the HostTracker carefully collected and saved them for us” .

    Main goals

    Let's go through the main tasks that we solve.

    Task 1: Minimize downtime.
    Solution: crash notifications

    Site downtime is bad. We help fight them effectively. We will not talk for a long time that the “lying” site is lost customers, lost profits, and nerve cells that are not known to be restored.
    By constantly monitoring client resources, we find problems and report them. Typical reaction time to a problem, our customers have a few minutes.

    Task 2. Collection of statistics on the operation of the resource

    In the process of monitoring, we accumulate huge amounts of information. This information includes time, duration and type of downtime, resource response time, speed, page sizes, and much more. We process this whole mountain of information into reports and graphs that are convenient for analysis and study.

    Task 3. And what is happening with the site right now?
    Solution: instant check from several points

    “I don’t know anything, everything is open for me”, a phrase familiar to many. But personally, your page does not open. How to determine where the problem is?
    It is for such cases, we offer distributed site verification . We will check the site from almost two dozen independent points distributed around the world. Analyzing the result, we can conclude about the nature of the problem.

    What will this blog be about

    About the use of our service, about its internal structure. About interesting technical findings and problems that we encounter during development. About the technologies we work with. In general, a little about everything.

    What we expect from Habr

    We are waiting for the synergistic effect :-). We are very interested to know the opinion of the respected Habro community. Hear criticism, wishes, and any comments. Help solve problems with users. Discuss fresh ideas and features.
    With questions / suggestions / criticism welcome to the comments.

    May Uptime be with you!

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