From Idea to App Store in 24 Hours: Pomodoro

    Hello, dear readers of Habr!

    The 24-hour marathon on developing an iOS application to work on the Pomodoro system has just begun ! Marathon itself is available here: . General chat for viewers and hosts at jabber'e: Repository with current code on github .

    Over the past few days, the project has undergone several changes:

    • We updated the site: now - in addition to the broadcast itself - you can see the song playing in the stream, you can offer an idea for the next application, see boring wallpapers
    • Registered a company in Habrahabr
    • Took a course on the development of free analogues of paid applications

    Within 24 hours, from scratch I will write an application for iOS7 and put it in the App Store. Application Idea:

    The Tomato method is a time management technique proposed by Francesco Kirillo in the late 1980s. The technique involves dividing tasks into 25-minute periods, called “tomatoes,” followed by short breaks. Wikipedia

    In short, I want to make an application with the ability to configure a specific “loop” of timers. The standard custom set is 25-5-25-5-25-5-25-30-30. On both sides there will be side pull-out menus: left with settings, right with statistics. The application will have various color schemes, social sharing, timer tweaks, the most popular settings offered by the audience in the chat.

    In the stream program:

    • Application development itself
    • Free communication, constant interactive
    • Two-Hemisphere Development: Vancouver Teleconference
    • Community Impact on Broadcasts: Suggest Which Paid App to Make Free at the Next Marathon
    • Competition for the best icon for the application
    • Great music (Stas Mikhailov included)
    • Complete app publishing process on the App Store
    • Laughter, intrigue, investigation

    Competing free apps and their fatal flaws:

    • DropTime: A beautiful and functional application. Alas, there is an advertisement cut off for money
    • Pomodoro: A simple application without ads. The functionality for collecting statistics, rewinding timers, and setting time intervals is severely lacking
    • Pomodoro: Another application of the same name. Brakes on the iPad Mini, an incomprehensible interface, not enough statistics and some settings
    • doPomodoro: A simple ad-free application. It looks nice, but not enough time interval settings

    Today I will try to combine beautiful design, functionality and lack of monetization in 24 hours. The more people watching the broadcast, the more fun! Offer your ideas for the development of the project.

    Waiting for you on the stream!

    Update from 12/06/13 06:46 AM: At the 18th hour of development, the application successfully reached the “Waiting for Review” stage. As always, the application turned out to be beautiful and functional.

    Thank you so much for your support throughout the broadcast! It is very pleasant that the community does not remain indifferent to such projects :)

    And, of course, offer ideas for the next streams! What paid application do you want to see free after the next broadcast?

    Update from 12/11/13 6:41 PM: The
    application successfully reached the App Store!
    Download the free application from the link , start working productively, put 5 stars and write a positive review!

    Today I uploaded version 1.1 for verification, inside:

    • Timers Sound
    • Local Notifications for minimized application operation
    • Fixed a bug in the side menu when tomatoes were not updated

    Thanks again to everyone for their support!

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