Error 404 on Habré

    Even on a resource like Habrahabr, it happens that a visitor is on a page that does not exist. In this case, the server displays an error message 404. In order to somehow sweeten the bitterness of such a nuisance, we decided to draw a funny picture.


    On Habré very much love UFOs and the animated series Futurama. The plot for the picture was chosen as follows: a brain slug attacks a habrayuzer. (drama)

    Brain slugs are small, fist-sized, translucent, one-eyed alien creatures of a fluorescent green color. They try to get on the person’s head and, when they succeed, they begin to completely control him. As soon as the slug is removed from the head, the person instantly returns to his normal state.

    In addition to the presence of brain slug on the head, a person affected by the slug gives a monotonous voice and an indication of himself in the third person. Having gained control over a person, the brain slug tries to control it in such a way as to extend the representatives of its species to the maximum number of possible victims. Struck by the brain slug, they even organized their own political party, the main program of which was huge money transfers to the planet of Brain Slugs and the infection of all people without exception.

    Source: List of recurring Futurama characters (Wikipedia)

    As it should be in such cases, we started with pencil sketches:

    Then we chose the right direction (the canonical image of the habrauser) and redrawn everything again, but it’s beautiful and diligent:

    Now it’s fun and pleasant to make a mistake on the page on Habré. Give it a try .

    We wanted to talk about it tomorrow, but it seems that we were burned and we need to tell right now. :)

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