HTC MAX 4G

    I attended the presentation of HTC MAX 4G, twisted the device in my hands.

    Very nice device, honest 800x480, good, bright screen (alas, within 65536 colors, this is the maximum for Windows Mobile 6.1), a powerful processor, good applications. For everything (data cable, headphones, connecting to a TV), one miniUSB format connector, but, what is nice, there is an adapter for a regular headphone jack. For some reason, it is claimed that this smartphone has the largest screen both in resolution and in size. Not true, my X7500 has a 5-inch screen, while the MAX 4G has only 3.8.

    What this device really is the first in is WiMAX support, i.e. Internet is available right from the phone with a speed of up to 10 megabits (!), video calls, VoIP and more are rising to a new level.

    Other characteristics: the processor frequency is about 520, it is 100 megahertz lower than that of the top HTC models, but it has more RAM - 256 megabytes (128 on the X7500). The camera, I was told, 3.2 megapixels, without a flash, removes, alas, disgusting.

    Minus - the device slows down significantly, employees said that this is not the latest firmware, so they can fix something. I liked the fact that many programs were redesigned under the control of a finger (even the “Opera”, which stands there).

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