Mitkovsky “parables and koans”

    Something has become much here about the enlightenment of everything. Add Mitkovsky banter.

    One young man, Peter, having heard about the philosophical achievements of Maxim, came to his house and turned to Fedor, whom he mistakenly mistook for Maxim, with the question:
    - What is the meaning of the arrival of the bodhisattva from the south? Thinking a little, Fedor calmly replied:
    - And @ # $% knows him. At this time, Maxim intervened in the conversation and said:
    - And you went to the ass with your bodysatva!
    Enlightened Peter, praising Maxim and Fedor, left.

    * * *
    Once Maxim asked what, according to Peter, is the meaning of Zen.
    “Zen,” said Peter, who loved the graceful, but narrow-minded comparisons, “is the ability to pour two full glasses of vodka from one quarter.”
    “From the empty one,” added Vasily. Maxim looked at Fedor.
    “And do not drink vodka,” said Fedor. Maxim nodded his head in satisfaction, saying:
    - And do not pour into glasses.

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